Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Music Premiere: Red - Taylor Swift

That's right, another Taylor Swift single! Apparently, during the four weeks preceding the debut of her new album, Red, one track will be released digitally on iTunes as promo single. This week, she released her second promotional single entitled Red - same title as her album.

I must say, Red is possibly my favorite track off her upcoming record. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together was catchy as heck, Begin Again was lovely, but this one has that replay value and stays in your head like a little earworm. The reverb electro effect, which almost seems like a vocal stutter, is a nice surprise and the bridge is particularly excellent. It also has an interesting blend of genres. It's clearly pop, but just as country as everything on country radio right now with the fiddle somewhere in there and some more banjo buried under the guitar solo. Not a BIG fan of Taylor Swift, but I can't get this out of repeat. Like, never. Haha.

Listen to the song after the jump!


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