Thursday, October 4, 2012

X Factor US 2: Boot Camp Part 1

To be honest, I didn't really know how to cover Boot Camp as they just play people in snippets and whatnot. But I will try my best to recap everyone as much as possible.

Overall, I enjoyed the episode. There were less drama and more singing - though not exactly good singing. Haha. As for the editing, it's a shame that the show are really setting up some of these people with terrible edits. Some got clean edits, but the others, not so much. Oh, and Britney Spears was absolutely spot on. She's turning out to be a legit judge.

Let's get on with the recap.

Diamond White
I Have Nothing
Eh. I find her audition decent and that didn't change after this performance. She was off pitch towards the end and it got a little shouty. Plus, I hate the song choice. Seriously. The first show that wises up and retires that song will win victory points in my book.

Austin Corini
Make You Feel My Love
Nothing special. Next.

David Correy
OMG! He sounds absolutely amazing. The liberties he took with the melody. The runs. The pitch. Wow.

Dinah Jane Hansen
Enough of this song. Aargh

Lyric Da Queen
In Takes Two
Really interesting. Why not?

Jason Brook
Good, but I prefer his audition for some reason. This sounds a bit overwrought.

Carly Rose Sonenclar
Runaway Baby
She sounds technically good, but a bit mechanical for my taste.

Jessica Espinoza
When You Believe
What happened? I ranked her first in my X Factor Live Auditions Ranking and then this? She didn't sound bad, but the song choice just ruined her chances. She should've picked a song with a little edge that fits her tone perfectly well. This is a bit drab. Did she deserve the early boot? Not at all, but whatever.

Jennel Garcia
She didn't convince me that she can win X Factor during her audition - she was good, but not winner material I thought - but she made me a fan after this. She's VERY charismatic, her pitch is pretty spot on, and she has this cool and hip vibe about her. Very nice.

Vivo Alan
Bad Company
I didn't like his audition, but I think he's better this time. I like his tone. That's it. Ha!

There's something about this trio that draws me to them. Interesting song choice and I love the fact that they somehow made the song their own. They can be dangerous once the live show starts.

Tara Simon
Somebody To Love
SERIOUSLY? I wanted to slap her in the face. Blech.

Willie Jones
She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy
I'm with Britney on this. He's interesting at first, but the novelty fades after a while. He has a good but generic country sound. My favorite was when Tate Stevens gave that "that ain't country" look. Haha.

Paige Thomas
I Will Always Love You
Why is she singing Whitney? She should be performing something from Rihanna's catalogue. She's not a bad singer, but there's too much vibrato in her voice. The song is also too big for her voice. Oh, and she should really get a new look. I can't think of anything but Rihanna, right down to the voice.

CeCe Frey
I Will Always Love You
Not the song I want to see her sing in the future, but despite her "villain" edit, I think she won this one over Paige. She has good control with a surprisingly clear tone. I just wish she didn't have that ugly face tattoo and arrogant attitude. She's being set up as this year's Simone Battle no?


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