Friday, October 12, 2012

X Factor US 2: Judges Home Part 2

I thought this episode just further proved that X Factor US has an interesting batch this year. Again, most of them aren't the best vocalists EVER, but this is X Factor not The Voice. Also, the slowing down and rearranging mid tempo pop song in it's minor key were pretty interesting.

If only LA Reid would stop from b*tching about Over 25 and their "ability" to be marketable outside the competition, then I would've enjoyed this episode more. Why would you include this age bracket then if you don't think they'll be even remotely viable? Weird.

Enough of that. Here's the recap! 

OVER 25s
LA Reid's Team

Jason Brock
Big Girls Don't Cry
He reminds me of Adam Lambert - from the look (clearly on the heavier side though) to the tone and even by the way he belts his songs - it's not even funny. Haha. Not sure if this was the right song as it felt a little shouty and too overwrought for my taste, but he undeniably has that raw vocal talent in him. That's not saying much though. 7/10

David Correy
This was really good. I loved the slowed up version as this highlighted his lovely tone and impressive range - that note towards the end was amazing. Plus, the dynamics and passion he put on this performance blew me away. Possibly one of my favorites in this category. 8/10

Daryl Black
She's Gone
He's got a good voice, but there's something about him that's disturbingly generic. I don't know. He just doesn't stand out in this category. Can I say fodder? 6.5/10

Tate Stevens
Back At One
A country version of a Brian McKnight song? Interesting. Just like Daryl, he sounds just like every other country singers out there, but I think he has more of a real shot of having a career after this because country as a genre doesn't really care about age. I mean, most of the big country acts are older yes? 7/10

Vino Alan
Vino has officially won me over! I didn't like his audition, but he proved himself worthy of a spot in the live shows. I thought his version of this Pink song is absolutely fantastic. A solid soulful voice that evokes raw emotion like nobody else in this competition. 8/10

Tara Simon
The Reason
This girl is delusional! America's darling? Haha. Let me laugh for an hour. Haha. I don't know. As I've said before, she has a weird technique in singing her songs. It's almost torture. 4/10

Britney Spears' Team

Diamond White
I'm With You
Why was I bored with this performance? Sure, this was probably Diamond's best vocal performance since her audition, but I just didn't really care for it. Plus, her movements were too distracting and too dramatic for me. 7.5/10

Reed Deming
Hey There Delilah
Hey, Reed! Why are you SO serious? You're 13! Go play trucks or something. He's so precocious, it's annoying. The singing was fine, but the seriousness for his age got me a little disturbed. 6/10

James Tanner
Party Like A Rockstar
Not buying the whole act. It's too vanilla for his age. To be honest, I actually forgot he's a rapper. Haha. 6.5/10

Arin Ray
I didn't expect this from Arin. He sounds really nice on this song. Maybe it's in the arrangement that gave him the opportunity to showcase his voice, range and that nice tone. Oh, and he has a great sense of melody. I think he's very marketable and pretty versatile - maybe a young Usher or Chris Bown? 8/10

Beatrice Miller
WOW. THIS WAS REALLY GOOD. Brilliant arrangement. Great intensity. Cool tone. Amazing vocal control. Between her and Carly, I think Beatrice gave a more vulnerable performance and was more connected to the material. I'm a fan. 9/10

Carly Rose Sonenclar
THESE KIDS! Haha. As usual, Carly sounded FANTASTIC! I thought she showed some ridiculously impressive vocal control with those pitch perfect runs. The rearrangement worked well for her and she seemed like she breathe new life to the tune. Technically, she's probably the best singer in this competition. Unbelievable. 9/10


X said...

I agree with you more on this batch than I did on the previous night's show.

Jason- I really don't get the comparison to Adam Lambert. Maybe a little in the looks (very little). Sound-wise, I think he sounds more like Kurt on Glee. And, like Kurt, he has a quality to his voice that I don't care for.

David-I like his voice, but his movements are distracting and rather annoying. Still, I think his one of the best in this category.

Daryl- decent voice, but like you said... very generic and forgettable.

Tate- not a country fan and you're right about him being pretty generic sounding. However, he's good and the country fans will love him.

Vino- awesome. My favorite in this category by far.

Tara- all of Cece's cockiness with none of the talent. I think she could actually be good if she didn't do all the vocal gymnastics and crap.

Diamond- I personally find her to be pretty darn good (through out the whole competition so far). She's not as good as Beatrice or Carly Rose, but she's good.

Reed- decent voice I guess... just wasn't impressed. I think the little girls will like him though.

James- I didn't remember him before this, and I barely remember him now. Mediocre at best.

Arin- good voice, but I think it was a poor song choice (too repetitive). He didn't stand out too me (though he stood out more than the other 2 boys).

Beatrice- I barely remember her from before this, but I'll definitely remember her from here on out. I thought she was great.

Carly Rose- I wasn't sure anyone of the kids were going to be better than Beatrice, then Carly Rose started singing. She's amazing. Nearly flawless. Can't believe these girls are only 13.

So, here's who I think should move on to the live shows:
Over 25s: David, Tate, Vino, and then it's a toss up between Jason and Daryl (though I think I would go with Daryl).

Kids: Carly Rose and Beatrice without a doubt. Diamond and Arin for the other 2 spots.

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