Saturday, October 6, 2012

X Factor US 2: Boot Camp Part 2

.. and I thought I was watching The Voice's Battle Round. Haha.

Last season, this part of the competition was awful - so I was pretty skeptical - but this was actually a pretty entertaining episode. I honestly could've used two hours of this instead of one. I like that they didn't eliminate one person in the duet directly after the performance like The Voice.

Anyway, let's get on with the recap no?

Tara Simon VS Jennel Garcia
I agree with Simon, this was a terrible song choice for both of them. Jennel lost her spunk and she seriously looked scared, although I did like the fact that she wasn't throwing her hair around along with the whole sex kitten act. Tara, on the other hand, just gets under my skin. She severely butchered that song with all the runs and whatnot. Plus, she has this weird technique of singing. To me, Tara seems way worse than Cece Frey. Blech.

Beatrice Miller VS Carly Rose Sonenclar
Pumped Up Kicks
While Pumped Up Kicks was absolutely inappropriate for these girls, I think that it was the edgiest song and possibly my favorite performance in this episode. Carly Rose was pretty stellar, but Beatrice held her own surprisingly well. I think she has a nice tone to her voice, while Carly has amazing control. Pretty impressive 13 year old girls.

Vino Allan VS David Correy
What's Going On
Battle of the Tattoos? Haha. I've been very open that I'm a David Correy fan, but somehow Vino won me over in this duet. I'm warming up to that raw quality of his voice. Yes, David still sounded great, but I oddly prefer Vino here.

Diamond White VS Dinah Hane Hansen
Oh my! What did they do to Kelly Clarkson's poor song? The tempo was a tad too slow for my taste and I didn't like their vocals in it. Dinah messed up her lyrics though I felt her connection with the material and I just never really liked Diamond. Yes, she has a solid voice, but she just doesn't have much control over it. Oh, and that pose at the end had me laughing. Sorry.

Sister C VS Lauren Jauregei
These Arms Of Mine
I liked Sister C's audition, but not so much here. As for Lauren, I like her rich tone. Very nice.

Brandon Hassan VS Reed Deming
Brandon has that husky tone that I really dig, and Reed is just mediocre at best.

Julia Bullock VS Ally Brooke
Knocking On Heavens Door
Too. Much. Oversinging. Stop.

Jeffrey Gutt VS Some other Guy
If I Die Young
I didn't like how Jeffrey mumbled his words and I'm not sure what the "other guy" did to deserve that edit. They didn't even put his name beside his head. Haha.

Tate Stevens VS Willie Jones
Nobody Knows
Willie Jones messed up and that's all I'm going to say. Tate Stevens sounded radio ready during his auditions, but I find him incredibly generic with this song. I don't know. Something just didn't work for me.

Arin Ray VS Normani Hamilton
What Makes You Beautiful
Normani is incredibly gorgeous, but I'm just not a fan of her singing. Arin sounded better, but the key was a little too high for his range. And I still think Arin is not good enough to be a solo act.

Jillian Jansen VS Latasha Robinson
Latasha screwed up. Jillian was amazing. I honestly didn't know that she has this lovely tone to her voice. Oh, and I love how she connected really well with the material.

Freddie Combs VS Jessie Bryant
Up On The Roof

Cece Frey VS Paige Thomas
There is SO much awkward tension between these two girls. It's pretty obvious that the show is trying to make Paige the lovable underdog and Cece as the competitive annoying diva. Sadly, when it comes to actual vocal talent - though both are not exceptional singers - Cece crushed Paige bigtime. True, Cece is ridiculously bad at vocal runs - something that is amplified by how hard she's clearly trying to hit them - but she has better control with her voice. Paige can't sing half of her notes in  tune, she has a thin voice and there's just WAY too much vibrato. I don't know.


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