Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Glee Music 4: The Role You Were Born To Play (Episode 5)

After almost a month of Glee hiatus, they are back this week with it's fifth episode The Role You Were Born To Play, which is sort of the casting for the Grease production. The music are a bit of a mixed bag and two of them are included in the Glease soundtrack - I will review this once the actual soundtrack has been released.

Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
JUST. NO. This was awful. I'm a fan of Marley's full and warm voice, and Unique is actually growing on me, but I hated their version of this. It seems like their harmonies were mixed incorrectly. Unique sounds WAY higher during the chorus, which makes his voice annoyingly shrill and Melissa sounds like she was barely there. Individually, they sound fine, but when they hit the chorus, it's just ridiculously messy. Blech. 3/10

Everybody Talks
Fun. Catchy. Full of energy. I love the original, but I think Jake and Kitty sound good together. I've been a fan of Jake's voice since Never Say Never, but Kitty surprised me. I know she's a Broadway actress in real life, but to tackle a pop song that's believable is kind of impressive. To me, they actually breathe new life to the song. Very nice. 7.5/10

Juke Box Hero
This Finn and Ryder (Blake Jenner, The Glee Project 2 Winner) duet sounds really good. Not exactly a fan of old school rock songs, but I think they sort of pulled it all off. I'm just having a hard time telling them apart. It's like the song is a duet for a person. Haha. 7/10


DAM said...

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised there's no Blaine solo.

Anonymous said...

dghjadskhgaskj Blake is in the next episode?

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