Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Voice 3: Live Playoffs Part 2

Why was I SO bored watching this show the entire time? The Voice, arguably, has more great vocalists compared to X Factor US, but I was more interested in watching the other show than this. I don't know. Somehow, the format of this show made me less attached with anyone that I didn't care who performed well and who sucked.

Oh, and I honestly thought that TEAM BLAKE and TEAM ADAM had more intriguing contestants than this group. No one sucked, but I almost didn't care. I digress.

Without further ado, recap after the jump! 


05. Adriana Louise
This just didn't work. A song as stylized as this Katy Perry hit, Adriana should've stripped it down to somehow avoid comparison to the original. I thought her vocals were too labored and overwrought for comfort. It seriously lacked some nuance and subtlety that I felt like she was shouting at me the whole time. Plus, her lower register was a tad weak. 5/10

04. Dez Duron
Dez is an insanely good looking guy, but after his smooth rendition of Lionel Richie's Stuck On You, this was a bit disappointing. I didn't think his tone sounded great on that song and his vocals were a bit uneven. I thought he connected with the material well, but was that enough to merit easy access for next week? We'll see. 6/10

03. De'Borah
Who Knew
Sue me, but I'm actually beginning to get bored with De'Borah. I did like her song choice, but the way she attacked the song was basically the same on her previous performances. I don't know. Her vocals were solid if a bit shaky during the first verse, but it left me cold. The hopping around the stage didn't help as well. 6.5/10

02. Devyn DeLoera
Bleeding Love
Compared to Adriana, Devyn actually showed a good amount of vocal dynamics in this incredibly hard song. She's nowhere near Leona Lewis' vocal prowess, but she managed to hit most of her notes, her pitch was well controlled and she has such a lovely hair. Haha. And yes, I'll end it with that. 7/10

01. Sylvia Yacoub
The One That Got Away
I hated her in EVERY rounds she was in, but I thought she gave a pretty good performance - of course, relative to other contestants. I liked that she rearranged the song to make it sound fresh - take note, Adriana! - and there's an actual progression in the arrangement. Her voice soared towards the end, which was surprising. Her vibrato was annoying as hell, but I digress. In the battle of three wannabe divas in Christina's team, I thought she did the best. 8/10


05. Diego Val
After redeeming himself with Are You Gonna Go My Way during the Knockout round, this felt a little lightweight. Not that I was expecting something brilliant from him, but I was hoping he'll step it up a bit. No, I didn't think he sounded terrible on this, but it just didn't excite me as well. It was mediocre at best and that's all I have to say. 5/10

04. MacKenzie Bourg
What Makes You Beautiful
Eh. He made another clever decision of covering a One Direction hit - considering it's all about getting votes now - but I don't think he has a good enough voice to be remarkable. Plus, that hitch in his voice is just too grating for my taste. This performance was slightly more interesting than Diego - thus ranking higher than him - but I didn't really enjoyed this, if I'm being honest. He's adorable, I'll give him that. 5/10

03. Nicholas David
You're the First, the Last, My Everything
Nicholas is interesting. Will I buy his record? Maybe not, but he's pretty refreshing in a sea of divas, quirky voices and belters. So, while I'm not particularly a fan of his song choice, I like listening to his voice - it's soothing, but with an edge to it. Ultimately a nice performance, but I don't think it was enough to make people vote for him. 6.5/10

02. Cody Belew
One More Try
I didn't think Cee Lo made the right decision of cutting Avery over Cody, but he proved his worth with this vocal performance. Great dynamics. Beautiful tone. Intense delivery. Stupid movements. Other than his strange movements, I thought he did well. 7.5/10

01. Trevin Hunte
How Am I Supposed To Live Without You
When Trevin dials back his vocal gymnastics, he's golden. This, to me,  was his most controlled vocal performance since his blind auditions. It's not perfect, but it's pleasant to listen to instead of the hollering and wailing I saw prior to this. That said, Amanda Brown just kicked her butt in this round. 8/10


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