Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Voice 3: Top 8 Results Show

.. and then they're down to 6 as two more contestants got axed tonight. I admit, I expected a different result, but I knew that it could go either way for the two eliminated people. I didn't think the other one deserved it after gaining good momentum from last week, but I digress. I just feel like the show got less diverse with the elimination of these two people.

RESULTS after the jump!! 

Cassadee Pope
Amanda Brown
Melanie Martinez
Terry McDermott
Trevin Hunte

Cody Belew
Dez Duron

So, that's it for Team Christina! Haha. It's frustrating how Christina started off with one of the strongest teams, but then ended up eliminating her best contestants in favor of a handful of screamers. Better luck in Season 5 and I wonder if Shakira will do a better job next season.


Anonymous said...

too bad since i was beginning to like dez when he sang feelin good... :(

Anonymous said...

you forgot Nicholas David! he was saved too :)

danni said...

I liked Dez since he sang Wanted. I was really sad to see him go, I voted for him but I guess it wasn't enough.

X said...

This result was exactly what I wanted to see. Haven't like Cody at all since the beginning and only liked Dez maybe one week.
Really don't see why you thought Terry would go home... I personally think he is one of the more popular contestants, he's definitely one of my favorites.
Out of the six that are left, I think Ceelo has the weakest team (Nicholas is growing on me, but Trevin seems to be getting worse each week).
I'd put Blake's team next. Didn't like Cassadee much at first, but she's grown on me. And I've like Terry since the beginning.
Leaving Adam's team as the best. Amanda has been consistently good throughout. Then you have Melanie. Melanie is amazing. She has the power to draw you in, no matter what she's singing. She's actually the only one that I would actually go out and buy her album.

I guess the question is... will we finally get a decent winner from the Voice... or will it be a generic winner that no one cares about after the show (and I think Trevin may be the only one left that fits that)?

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