Sunday, November 4, 2012

Music Premiere: Little Things - One Direction

Here's One Direction's new single written by the talented Ed Sheeran, Little Things, which is part of their upcoming sophomore album Take Me Home.

I'm actually torn between my love for anything Ed Sheeran related, and my general dislike for Cowell-manufactured groups. Haha. I'm kidding, of course. Not going to lie, One Direction had some seriously catchy songs and it's surprising to hear something more serious from them. This has a nice sound to it with just their vocals and subtle background music, but it's like an extension of their other song, What Makes You Beautiful. I guess, they are the boyfriend band for girls with low self-esteem? Haha. I can't believe we're critiquing a One Direction song. At this point, as long as they remain young and cute, take off their shirts from time to time, talk about their crushes, and prevent the next boyband from getting too hot, they can release Mary Had A Little Lamb and it would go platinum. Enjoy!

Listen to the song after the jump!


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