Friday, November 9, 2012

X Factor US 2: Top 13 Results Show

Another X Factor US hopeful got eliminated this week. Who got the shaft? Well, I can say that I absolutely got it right from the Bottom 2 to the person leaving. So, if you've read my review of last night's performances, you'd know my prediction.

The interesting part of the show - aside from the performances of One Direction - was the fact that they actually revealed the ranking of everyone from last night's votes. I wonder if this voting order reveal is gonna be a weekly thing because if I'm being honest, that order was all jacked up. I have a funny feeling Simon did this with a specific motive and that is to push the fans of those people who are in the bottom tier.

Anyway, One Direction performed and the girls in the audience were, as expected, ridiculously loud.  I thought their performance of Live While We're Young was fun, but Little Things was a pretty spectacular. Very nice.

RESULTS after the jump!!

Arin Ray
Paige Thomas
Diamond White
Vino Alan
Jennel Garcia
Emblem 3
Carly Rose Sonenclar
Tate Stevens
Beatrice Miller
Fifth Harmony


Cece Frey
You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me
She tried, but failed. I thought this was pretty bad. She was off key for the most part. I don't know. Somehow, when the live show started, everything that I liked about her - even her average singing voice - was gone. Sigh. This was disappointing.

Jason Brock
Total Eclipse of the Heart
As much as I hated the song choice, this was a nicely controlled and subdued performance. Vocally, he was MILES better than Cece, but I guess he has less charisma than the drama queen of Season 2 no? 

DEMI LOVATO sends home Jason Brock
LA REID sends home Cece Frey
BRITNEY SPEARS sends home Cece Frey
SIMON COWELL sends home Jason Brock


Jason Brock

1. Tate Stevens
2. Carly Rose Sonenclar
3. Vino Alan
4. Diamond White
5. Fifth Harmony
6. Emblem3
7. Jennel Garcia
8. Paige Thomas
9. Lyric 145
10. Beatrice Miller
11. Arin Ray
12. Cece Frey

I honestly didn't see that one coming. How America voted surprised me, but then again, maybe the people who are voting on X Factor are the same people or demo as American Idol. Tate Steven is basically an American Idol type of winner. I mean, he's white, he's a guy, he plays guitar, country guy, humble personality and cowboy hat. Perfect! Haha. Oh, and LA Reid got his two other acts in the Top 3. Shocker.


Anonymous said...

Show is rigged. CeCe Frey couldn't carry pitch in a bucket.

Anonymous said...

Carly Rose is the only truly gifted singer on the whole show, I have been in the music business 40 years and I tell you the rest of them are amateurs in comparison.

DAM said...

Anonymous: But you can't fault most of them for being "amateurs" because they're not doing this for a living and are normal people who wants to get their shot at a future music career.

If you're looking for someone who's polished, The Voice is the right show to watch.

VFTW Pinoy said...

LA was actually wise this time not to throw Tate out of his team. #WGWG lives on!

X said...

America sent the right person home... not quite sure about the order of the rest of them.
I'm really glad they decided to show the voting results. This should get people motivated to vote and should get the contestants motivated as well.

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