Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Voice 3: Top 8

While the performances this week weren't as fantastic as last episode, I thought some of them got to deliver some decent performances with NO legitimate train wrecks - boring maybe? Oh, and I generally like the contestants as a group this season compared to Season 1 and Season 2. While inconsistent, the group is pretty diverse with massive potential.

Anyway, recap after the jump! 

08. Trevin Hunte
Greatest Love Of All
Of course, Trevin went back to what he does best, DIVA songs. Haha. True, this was the right move for him - after that awful take on Usher's Scream last week - but his vocals weren't really that good. What happened? His voice sounded weak in parts and it felt like he was behind the melody in the mid section of his performance. Not even the choir saved this performance. I don't know. This was underwhelming at best. 5/10  

07. Terry McDermott
Wait, so Blake has two songs called Over and Over You performed by Cassadee last week? Terry has GREAT vocal ability, but I'm not sure if this really worked in his favor. There was nothing dynamic about this performance, he sounded really strained towards the end and the verses were shaky. Plus, this was absolutely forgettable. Ouch. 5/10

06. Nicholas David
What's Going On
I admit, Nicholas voice is made for all these great classic songs. He had a uniquely rich voice that's soothing, but just like any of his previous performances, this just left me annoyingly cold. He sang it well, but I hated the lite jazz version of the song. Oh, and Cee Lo needs to find a current song that will prove that he can be marketable in today's music industry. 6/10

05. Cody Belew
Somebody To Love
While Cody NEVER brings power in any of his performances, this was vocally more superior than his crazy cover of Beyonce's Crazy In Love last week. This was pretty much karaoke, but at least he was on key, showcased a good part of his range and once again proved that he has good musicality with his vocal dynamics. There was something unpleasant about his tone though - it sounded a bit thin and unsupported - but that's maybe a personal preference. 6.5/10

04. Cassadee Pope
Are You Happy Now?
The reason last week worked so well was because Over You is a great song, it was a sentimental performance, she connected with the material astoundingly well and it was country and something that's out of her element. This Michelle Branch ditty fits her pop/rock style nicely, but that's also why this felt generic. Cassadee, for the most part, sounded good but this exposed that part of her tone that I'm not particularly fond of and she was drowned out by the band. Maybe she should do more country songs no? 7/10

03. Amanda Brown
Someone Like You
I love Amanda, but there's NOTHING Amanda can do to make her rendition better than Adele's or change the song up in any way that would leave anyone amazed. Yes, I did appreciate the attempt of making it sound different - mostly by putting a rock edge to the arrangement - but this song in particular is best done when it's just stripped down and raw. Somehow, a lot of the emotion and pain of the song got lost in this arrangement. Yes, she sounded on point and threw some interesting liberties to the melody, but Adele songs should, in general, be left alone. 7/10

02. Dez Duron
U Smile
So, Dez did go after the Bieber fans no? Haha. There's a nasal quality to his tone that I really hate, but I have to admit that his version of this Justin Bieber song was actually better than the original. I thought the arrangement suited his voice pretty well, his stage presence though cheesy was quite entertaining - those hips were totally going at one point, I was like.. work that stage, kid! Haha - and there's a couple of pretty good vocal dynamics in his performance. I'm just not sure, as Christina Aguilera mentioned, that everyone's clamoring for a Dez album. Haha. Desperate much? 7/10

01. Melanie Martinez
Too Close
Is Melanie Martinez peaking at the right time? I don't know with everyone else, but after Cough Syrup and Seven Nation Army, Melanie is definitely on a roll. Despite some subtle pitch issues, this performance was actually one of her best. The song choice was genius as it showcased a melodic huskiness to her voice that's just beautiful and her interpretation was stunning. Oh, and to whoever is styling her, kudos! That bow gets less and less conspicuous with each show. Haha. 8.5/10

Terry McDermott
Trevin Hunte


danni said...

I still agree that Cassadee should do more country songs and make them her own, even though I loved her rendition of my favorite Michelle Branch song. I also really loved Terry's performance, it was like hearing that song for the first time (I have heard the original version) As for Melanie, I think it's going to be her and Cassadee in the finale. I can't say I would be disappointed either. Melanie is fantastic at what she does, she captivates everyone with her tone. Also, I could barely tell that Dez was singing a Justin Bieber song! He did so good at disguising it and making it his own.

I like the other contestants, but those 4 are my favorites. (:

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