Friday, May 7, 2010

Glee Season 1: Bad Reputation Episode Review

Bad Reputation
Season 1, Episode 17

Where to start? Every time I watch this type of Glee episode, I lose all ability to form coherent sentences and usually just put together a disjointed out-of-order recap complete with biased ship talk, then save it onto my computer and refuse to open it, ever again. Haha.

Maybe I'll try tonight to make it good? Hm.

This felt like a return to form for Glee. Great, campy humor with a dash of good drama mixed in. Everyone had something going on and no one story dominated. That said, this whole episode felt disjointed with the rest of the season. It didn't grip like last week but this made me laugh really hard. Haha.

The musical performances were a riot - except for Total Eclipse of the Heart, which was heart breaking. The Run Joey Run music video complete with bad acting and amateur editing was GLORIOUS. It was awesomely bad, from students walking into Rachel as she tried to sing in the hallway, to the bad acting, and her cheesy wink at the end. UTTER EPICNESS. Haha. U Can't Touch This was cute - where the hell did they get the outfits from? Seriously. Haha - and Physical was good although it reminded me so much of Vogue.  

Now, I was counting down the minutes until Mr. Shue would break out his jackass dancing for me to roll my eyes on to in Ice Ice Baby but the group dance number was fantastic. I actually really enjoyed the way everyone got involved and looked like they were having fun. Oh, but please can someone tell Mr. Schuester to not rap anymore! Ha.

One thing I have to say though was that Molly Shannon was a waste of time and space. I love her as an actress but if you're not going to have her for a reason, why have her in the first place? Don't have a celebrity on for the sake of having them on, unless they serve a real purpose!

And as for my favorite character Brittany? Of course, she was hilarious as ever!! When Artie said he was getting cold feet, she said "Can you even feel your feet?" Oh Brittany, don't eve stop! Please. Haha.

Download the songs HERE.


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