Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Glee Season 1: Dream On Episode Review

Dream On
Season 1, Episode 19
Glee won the night for me. Idol sucked compared to Glee. Haha. Sorry.

I liked this week's episode. Not one of my favorites ever, but it was good. Neil Patrick Harris was amazing, a lot better than I thought, Rachel made a bit emotional, and Shelby and Jesse made me want to kick puppies. Haha. It was a brilliant balance of humor, drama and some excellent musical numbers. No major complaints here.

First off, Neil Patrick Harris was really good. Not what I was expecting, but his character was epic. I liked his every scene and his every line. To me, he was a perfect guest star with an amazing musical performance and wonderful storyline. Wonder if he'll be back.

Now, Artie's storyline was heartbreaking and the whole Rachel/Shelby story was shocking.  Ha. I mean, I loved how they sort of spun us through a loop with Jesse and Shelby's intentions. I sort of knew that Shelby was going to be Rachel's mom, but the way they've done it was so unexpected and majorly amazing.

As for the musical performances, I thought they were all nice. Dream On was as epic as Danny Gokey's Scream On. Finally! We have a Dream On high note in tune - first time on Fox. Haha. Dream a Little Dream was sweet and Safety Dance seemed to be a bit of an homage to classic dance routines. I definitely see Thriller, and some other stuff that looks familiar.

I Dreamed A Dream, however, was my favorite musical number for this episode. It was surprisingly breathtaking. I mean, there goes all the naysayers thinking that Lea and Idina can’t top Susan Boyle. Well, Susan Boyle can bite me after tonight’s phenomenal version of that song. Haha.

Also, it was a relief that Sue Sylvester and Kurt weren't featured very much in this episode. I love both characters, but I feel like I'm close to having an overdose of both in this back nine. Having a small break from them was nice because then I won't get sick of them.. to which I was dangerously near after these first episodes back.

Oh, and plus points for this episode because Jollibee was "featured" this week during Artie's number Safety Dance. Haha. JolliGlee FTW!!! Haha.
Can't wait for Lady Gaga episode next week!!

Download the songs HERE.


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