Sunday, September 1, 2013

Idol News: Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr To Complete The American Idol Panel?

After the deal with Dr. Luke flamed out, Harry Connick, Jr. reportedly landed the third and final spot on the upcoming American Idol Season 13 judging panel alongside returning judges Keith Urban (Season 12) and Jennifer Lopez (Season 10 and 11), according to both The Hollywood Reporter and US Weekly.

According to reports,
Harry Connick Jr. is returning to American Idol -- this time, in a judge's seat.  The singer, who has appeared on the Fox reality competition multiple times as a mentor and performer, is inking a deal to serve as a judge alongside Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez on the upcoming 13th season.
To be perfectly honest, I can't say I'm excited about this news. I mean, this is the time American Idol has a legitimate chance to overhaul completely the show - of course, without losing its appeal - and bring something fresh to the viewers and yet, we were stuck with two returning judges and someone who mentored twice.

This panel of Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick, Jr. won't offend anyone - unlike the polarizing Nicki Minaj last season - but I don't see this group bringing in any new viewers either. This can, however, get their old lady demographic back and this could actually stop the "bleeding" of its rating with Harry Connick, Jr. in it.

I'm pretty intrigued with Harry Connick, Jr. though. I mean, based on his previous appearances on the show, this guy had strong opinions, a lot of energy, pretty funny, and I really think he will have more useful things to say than Jennifer Lopez ever did.

Oh, and one more important thing, Harry Connick Jr., doesn't seem like the person who will have goosies and have standing ovations for every contestant. So, yeah, Jennifer Lopez may have to up her game. I guess, she's there to pick the contestants up off the floor after Harry eviscerates them? Haha.

Also, I am prudently ignoring the fact that Randy Jackson will replace Jimmy Iovine. For the love of God!

What do you think of this panel?


Julio Modesto said...

I hated Jimmy Iovine, he is annoying. I prefer Randy Jackson, I hope I don´t regret that!!! hahaha

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