Monday, September 30, 2013

X Factor Austrailia 5: Top 7

I'm getting bored. Every week, maybe with the exception of one act, the people I usually rank at the top of the pack are those who are killing their all performances, and the mediocre ones are just plain mediocre. Can't we have a horse raise instead?

Anyway, let's get on with the performances!

07. Third D3gree
Smooth Criminal
Huh? What happened? I've been ranking them usually at the top tier, but this was atrocious. The arrangement was awful, Kelebek sounded bored, and there's no cohesion all throughout. Bounce back, Third D3gree! You're becoming inconsistent! 4.5

06. JTR
Decent and that's all I have to say. 5

05. Jiordan Tolli
Don't Speak
Her tone was so beautiful that despite her lifeless delivery - she did lack depth - she sold it to me. Oh, and that staging was a little weird for my liking. 5.5

04. Jai Waetford
That Should Be Me
Maybe a song by Justin Bieber was all he needed to really shine. Possibly one of his better performances and he didn't annoy as much. Sure, his whiny tone was still a little grating, but it somehow complemented by the song. 6

03. Omar Dean
Careless Whisper
I admit, never liked how he always transitions to his falsetto and fail miserably, but he somehow put it to good use here. His vocals were almost flawless, his falsetto was mostly solid and he connected well with the song. Very nice. 7.5

02. Taylor Henderson
The grit of his voice elevated this song from good to great. Somehow, that added some personality to the performance and his interpretation was pretty good. Nice phrasing as well. 8

01. Dami Im
Bridge Over Troubled Water
As overdone as the song choice was and as distracting as her weird left sleeve, Dami's version of Bridge Over Troubled Water was sublime!! Everything from the modulation to her phrasing to her vocal dynamics were outstanding. Love her! 9


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