Thursday, September 26, 2013

X Factor US 3: Live Auditions Part 5

Why am I having a hard time watching this show now? I mean, the judges as I've said in my previous reviews were pretty spot on - especially Kelly Rowland - but I think it's the editing and the fact that they NEVER argue about anyone. If it's a YES, it's a YES to everyone. Weird. Also, I somehow didn't find this episode entertaining aside from the last audition, which was a total earworm despite the silliness.

Emery Kelly
I Won't Give Up
Seriously? They said yes to this guy? This was awful. Sure, he's nice to look at, but then again, his singing was atrocious. His voice was annoyingly shaky for the most part. Ugh. 4

Khaya Cohen
Love You I Do/I Put A Spell On You
Of course! If they said yes to Emery, why in the world wouldn't say yes to something mediocre? In fact, they gave a freakin' standing ovation for an annoyingly shouty and oddly uneven version of I Put A Spell On You. Judges, sit down! She's not the second coming of Adele. Geez. 3

James Kenny
Welcome back, James! I was bummed out when Nicole Scherzinger chose Dexter Haygood over him as his Russian Roullette version was pretty outstanding. Now, Summertime was a little overwrought with all the riffs and whatnot, but I still find him incredibly talented with a good grasp on his pitch and a pretty impressive range. If he could just rein the vocal gymnastics though. 7

Allison Davis/Isabel Requina/Isaiah Alston
I'm Going Down
They were individually pretty good. Why didn't we get to see their full auditions? Oh, because they performed the same song. Haha. 7

Tim Olstead
A Thousand Years
He looked terrified! Haha. He sounded good if a bit generic. I'm pretty sure he'll fold once Bootcamp starts though, which is such a shame. 6.5

Wesley Mountain
I agree, he was a little creepy with all the panting and whatnot, but he actually has a good voice. Sure, it wasn't perfect, but he sounded better than Emery Kelly. 5.5

Celine Polenghi
When You Believe
She was fine. There's a nice quality to her tone, but that's about it. 6

Bree Randall
Decent. 5

Primrose Martin
Nobody's Perfect
Awful. They let her through? What did I miss? 3

Summer Reign
Was it just me or she sounded like she was snoring in parts? Oh, and when Demi says "You're so cute, I'm going to say yes." Then there's a problem. 3.5

Lorie Moore
I Have Nothing
HATED THIS SONG! Not because it was a badly written tune, but it's SO OVERDONE. I can't even focus. I'm sorry. Can we retire this song already? 5

Secondhand High
Ask Me To Dance
True, the judges didn't put them through, but I just need to include them here. This song, no matter how silly, was pretty catchy. I mean, Ke$ha could record this and sound as a legit song no? N/A


Shawn Jang said...

I'm so over the X Factor. This and American Idol are the only two shows who display bad acts. And let bad singers through. And make everything so damn dramatic. So unbelievably annoying.

The Voice is my favorite show as of right now.

dizzygirl said...

worst episode ever.. the judges must have turned deaf.

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