Thursday, September 12, 2013

X Factor US 3: Live Auditions Part 1

.. and yes! X Factor US is back and now on it's Season 3. Britney Spears and LA Reid both ditched the show after last season and it is Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio who filled those judging seats this season. To be quite honest, I'm actually like this panel. They have an exuberant vibe as a panel and they all seemed like they were enjoying the ride.

Oh, and Mario Lopez was actually more watchable now that the Kardashian got axed after a terrible hosting job last season. So yeah, things are looking up for the show.

Anyway, on with the auditions

Carlito Oliveros
I can see why the judges put him through - he looks marketable, has a decent voice, and could actually fill a specific niche in the music industry. That being said, he needs to work more on his vocals more as it sounded shaky in parts and his timing was off especially in the beginning. He has potential though, so I digress. 6

Lillie McCloud
Alabaster Box
Holy cow! She's 54? Her version of this Cece Winans song was pretty sensational. Her tone sounded so much like Whitney Houston, her phrasing was impeccable, and the way she navigated the melody with some interesting dynamics was very impressive. If she can be current, I'd say Lillie will be unstoppable. Just don't go the Stacy Francis route and she'll be fine. 8.5

Alex and Sierra
WOW. This duo was phenomenal. They cracked me up with their humor, they're both incredibly charismatic, and yes, they sounded great individually and as a duo. I loved Sierra's tone and inflections and Alex's voice was crazy good. Oh, and their harmonies were pretty tight. Good job! 9

Rion Paige
Blown Away
Am I a bad person for saying that I don't find her particularly interesting as an artist and I was actually annoyed by her precocious personality? Yes, she can sing, but I don't think she's anything special - other than the obvious. She could be an inspiration to many and that could carry her for a considerable distance in the show, and that scares me. 6


dizzygirl said...

i am loving Alex and Sierra, minus the cheese please. im excited to see what they'll sing next.:)

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