Wednesday, September 11, 2013

X Factor Australia 5: Top 10

This week, Top 10 tackled Top 10 Hits and I must say that most of them improved, while the others were just plain stuck. I still enjoyed the show nonetheless. Oh, and a different contestant topped my rankings this week.

10. JTR
Everybody Talks
Eh. Not a fan. This was slightly better than the hot mess from last week, but it was still pretty mediocre and far from being stellar. 4

09. Joelle
Locked Out In Heaven
This was a bit unfortunate and I blame this to the song choice. Her tone didn't work with the song and it was as if she was always behind the beat. 4.5

08. Barry Southgate
California Gurls
Too bad that his vocals were annoyingly uneven that despite how he worked the stage, his charisma and an interesting arrangement to the Katy Perry song, this still felt a tad underwhelming. I enjoyed him last week, but this was just lackluster. 4.5

07. Omar Dean
Cry Me A River
Weak falsetto, but some parts actually sounded pretty. I enjoyed the beginning though as the last part went a little jarring. 5

06. Jai Waetford
The Way You Make Me Feel
There's no doubt that this kid can carry a tune and this was probably one of his better live performances on the show, but I couldn't take him seriously for some reason. 5.5

05. Ellie Lovegrove
I'm Like A Bird
While this was a bit lightweight, her version of I'm Like A Bird sounded pleasant, especially how she started the song. It went downhill when she transitioned to her falsetto though towards the end, and that slightly ruined the performance for me. 6

04. Dami Im
Don't Leave Me This Way
Her vocals were shaky for the most part, especially when she hit the chorus, and her falsetto needed work. This, to me, was her weakest performance to date. Props for trying something new, but this just didn't work for me. 6.5

03. Jiordan Tolli
With Or Without You
Minus the superfluous vibrato, this was quite nice. Not as great as her Thriller version, but she showcased a good amount of musicality especially with her phrasing. 7

02. Third D3gree
Very nice. They're hip and obviously the most contemporary act this season. There were a couple of weak moments through out the performance, but they made it work with their compelling presence on stage. Also, there's some cohesion in the performance unlike JTR. 7.5

01. Taylor Henderson
I Will Wait
On paper, this should've been a total trainwreck, but Taylor's tone and voice shockingly worked with this Mumford & Sons tune backed with a charismatic persona on stage Good job! 8.5


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