Friday, September 20, 2013

X Factor US 3: Live Auditions Part 3

It's X Factor US' second week, and the show was actually pretty interesting. I laughed at some of the most horrible performances on the show, and I saw a couple of interesting acts that might make this season worth watching - or reviewing, in my case.

Oh, and yet again, Kelly Rowland was everything X Factor needed. She was just so refreshing to watch.

Anyway, let's get on with the auditions:

Josh Levi
Come & Get It
He may not have the most spot on vocals, I thought Josh's version of this Selena Gomez ditty was actually pretty impressive. The arrangement was good, the liberties he took with the melody were interesting, and he had some serious charisma going on. I'll keep my eye on this kid. 7

Sweet! I expected to hate the throwback vibe of their performance, but the way they worked that stage with such energy and that little choreography during the breakdown won me over. The harmonies were tight, the lead's vocals were good, and I was just thoroughly entertained. They were like a slightly dated Bruno Mars. 7.5

Brandie Love
Up To The Mountain
This girl can sing, but I just got bored a couple of seconds in. Plus, there was just too much vibrato no? 5

Carlos Guevara
This was a tricky one. Yes, he sounded great for the most part, but some of his vocal inflections were too affected for me to really appreciate it. I don't know. It was odd to hear his transitions, which sounded on point yet jarring. He seemed like a genuinely nice guy though, but whatever. 6.5

Colton Pack
Nice voice with a bit of charisma, but incredibly generic. 4.5

Danie Geimer
House Of A Rising Sun
This was good. Not great, but for a first audition, I thought she managed to prove herself as a competent singer. Her phrasing was good, her tone was deliciously rich, and I liked her sweet demeanor. Hope to hear from her more. 7

Jeffrey Adam Gutt
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing/Creep
His first song wasn't so great, but his Radiohead cover was actually quite nice. I didn't think it was as good as his audition last year, but I digress. 6.5


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