Thursday, September 5, 2013

X Factor Australia 5: Top 11

Yes, after two live shows, I now have a pretty clear view of the real contenders this season. Most of them improved this week, which is good, while the others crashed and burn. So, who did well?

11. JTR
Can't Get You Out Of My Head
Oh god! This was awful. The arrangement was terrible and they seriously sounded like chipmunks with messy harmonies and unbearable upper registers. Blech. 2.5

10. Jai Waetford
I Want To Hold Your Hand
Ugh. Watching this performance was taxing more than anything else. I just can't with his whiny tone. I'm sorry. 2.5

09. Joelle
Rude Boy
Can I say a less interesting Fergie? Joelle's vocals were uneven, especially towards the end, and I didn't particularly like the song choice for her voice. 4

08. Taylor Henderson
Run To You
What was up with the backdrop? Haha. I enjoyed his performance last week, but this was a bit disappointing. He was stiff throughout the performance, his transitions were jarring, and I just didn't care about the whole thing. 4.5

07. Ellie Lovegrove
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
This was fine. Nothing particularly spectacular, but not awful by any means. 5

06. Omar Dean
I love the hashtag he got, #OmarGosh! Haha. This was a bit of an improvement from last week, but that hitch in his voice at the end of every phrase was annoying. Plus, his voice got shaky towards the end. 5.5

05. Cat Vas
Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Although a bit loungy with the whole set up and arrangement, this was still pretty decent, to say the least. I just wish she didn't ditch the edge I saw last week. 6

04. Barry Southgate
Freedom '90
Yes, it came off a little too safe as the performance seemed like it didn't go anywhere, but he sounded good for the most part and he worked that stage surprisingly well. 6.5

03. Dami Im
Purple Rain
She went a little shouty in parts, but the last few bars were FANTASTIC! She connected well with the material, her voice really soared and some of the liberties she took with the song was pretty stellar. Good job. 8

02. Third D3gree
Till The World Ends
Awesome! I had reservations as this could really turn out to be a hot mess, but they really worked it out. The guy stepped up his vocals, the harmonies were tight, the rapping was terrific and there was a certain cohesion in this performance. 8.5

01. Jiordan Tolli
Brilliant interpretation. Impeccable phrasing. Outstanding vocal dynamics. This was fabulous. Well done. 9


Anonymous said...

i live in australia and i can't stand that kid Jai. He is so hyped up just because he has the Bieber look. For reasons like this I wish they would change the age limit to 16 or 17. Agree with all of your ratings.

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