Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Voice 5: Blind Auditions Part 2

As much as I love American Idol, The Voice just aired two solid premiere episodes this week. I mean, I've ranted about the show and it's infinite ability to pimp their SUPERSTAR COACHES than their actual contestants and that the format really sucks, but I like that the show doesn't have joke contestants.

For all the debate about these reality singing shows, I think it is that quality that brings in viewers for The Voice. All jabbing is done by the judges to each other and isn't serious. So yes, that's what sets this show apart from the rest.

As for the talent today, they've been mostly good. So, who did the best?

Jacquie Lee
Back To Black
I actually enjoyed this. I mean, Jacquie did this song way better than a 16 year old should be able to do it. She has a lovely tone with enough power and control, but what songs she sings will be key for her success in this competition, I think. 7

Barry Black
What You Won't Do For Love
Eh. I liked his song choice, but there's something very choppy with this performance. I wasn't so sure if it was his phrasing, but I just wasn't sold. The invisible harmonica was fun though. 5

Destinee Quinn
Cowboy Take Me Away
She started a little shaky with a couple of cracks on her notes and her lower register was a bit shot, but I think Destinee was interesting and may have some potential. She's a tricky one though. If only she was more consistent no? 6.5

Cole Vosbury
Movin On Up
The song choice was genius, but he reminded me of a slightly hipper Nicholas David - remember him? Haha. I liked the grit in his voice and there's a quality to his tone that I like. Will I root for him? Maybe not, but I may be wrong. 7

Holly Henry
The Scientist
Quite fantastic. Her tone reminds me so much of Melanie Martinez of Season 3, which means she's another quirky contestant. But what separates her from the rest of "the quirks" is that she seemed authentic with a lot of personality and a good range, which is unusual for this type of singers. 8

Austin Jenckes
Simple Man
Hmm. Zac Brown anyone? Not my favorite, but he definitely got the grit that worked well with the song and he has one heck of a rock voice. Very nice. 7.5

EG Daily
There's a unique quality to EG's voice that's very appealing. I'm particularly a fan of country music, but she sold that to me with the rasp and whatnot. Oh, and she looks good for her age no? 7

Jonny Gray
All These Things I've Done
He was really good and a little different from what we've seen on this show. Beautiful tone. Interesting phasing. Pitch perfect. Magic. 8.5

Tessanne Chin
Love her! Tessanne's voice has a rich soulful tone that works perfectly with the Pink song and it was very smart of her not to sing reggae right off the bat. She sounded very modern and she was like less overhyped but equally talented Judith Hill. 9


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