Monday, September 30, 2013

X Factor Australia 5: Top 8

Yes, this blog post was a little late as I was a bit busy last week, but here it is - this week's live show, I will post within the day as well! I honestly didn't expect much from the finalists as Rock wasn't exactly their genre, but some of them actually pulled off some interestedly good performances.

Anyway, let's get on with the performances! 

08. Jiordan Tolli
Dancing With Myself
Awful. Why am I starting to feel like her rendition of Thriller was just a fluke? After that week, her performances just went downhill. She just sounded bad here. Oh no. 4

07. Omar Dean
Any Way You Want It
Ugh. It started out fine with some much needed grit, but when he transitioned to his falsetto, which to me sounded terrible, I just couldn't get past that. Plus, he's lacks charisma. 5

06. Jai Waetford
Drops Of Jupiter
Read my previous review from last week. Enough said. 5.5

05.  JTR
Thanks For The Mmrs
Not sure if I'll ever root for them, but this was pretty decent. I actually didn't expect them to sound good on a "rock" song. Pleasant surprise? Yes. Great? Not sure. 6

04. Joelle
Although the key during the verses was a little low for her range, Joelle's beautiful tone shined through on this song. This was actually a pretty good vocal performance. 7.5

03. Taylor Henderson
Choir Girl
Good job! Didn't expect the song choice, but he made it work. I thought his growls were well placed and the texture of his voice suited the song perfectly. 8

02. Dami Im
Best Of You
This actually sounded legit. Sure, she pulled off One quite brilliantly, but I didn't expect for her to be able to repeat that with Best Of You. From the vocal dynamics down to her stage presence, this was really good. 8.5

01. Third D3gree
By The Way
Fantastic!! After the mess that was last week, I was a bit worried that they'll not be able to rebound from that, but this was pretty stellar. Kelebek's rapping was outstanding, Jordan sounded very good, which I didn't expect, and Jacinta's vocals just soared. Easily one of their best performances. 8.5


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