Monday, September 2, 2013

Movie Review: On The Job

Probably one of the more compelling films this year! On The Job was a stylishly gritty noir that was brutally violent, painfully realistic and absolutely brilliant. From the moment the opening credits came up, the movie just grabbed me by the neck and didn't let go until the final scene. Every character was pitch perfect, every shot was right on the money, and there was a certain sophistication and intricacy here that was quite refreshing for a Filipino film - at least, from the movies I've seen. I thought the direction was masterful, the writing was outstanding, the soundtrack was fabulous, the cast were uniformly wonderful (especially Joel Torre) and this one had a stylistic flair that was quite riveting to watch. I could've done it without that unnecessary intimate scene, but I digress. On The Job was a visceral tale of crime and consequences. Of corruption and power. TANG INA! 9

(No, I'm not cursing for the sake of cursing, it's a reference to the film, so go watch it!)


Will said...

"Tang! Tang, bakit, Tang? Tang, musta ka na, tang?"

"Tang ina! Putang ina niyo! Tang ina!"

Tang was definitely overused here. Haha.

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