Saturday, September 21, 2013

X Factor US 3: Live Auditions Part 4

The show was pretty nice with a couple of standouts, but I have to say again that I'm in love with Kelly Rowland and her candor and humor. She's pretty funny. Can she just resign and transfer to American Idol instead? Gah. Total revelation. Oh, and Paulina's beginning to be like a speaking Britney Spears - if that makes any sense. Haha.

Andrew Scholz
A Little More You
He sounded fine on his first song, but the country song suited his voice more and it was so much better vocally. Plus, he's a pretty attractive guy and that shouldn't hurt no? Haha. 6

Ellona Santiago
Not perfect - there were a couple of pitch issues especially when she started moving - but she worked that song really well. High energy backed with strong vocals and good stage presence. I knew she had potential since she joined Season 1, but the improvement was very noticable here. Good job! 7.5

Stone Martin
Little Things
I just can't take kids his age seriously in a singing competition like X Factor. I mean, go and play at your backyard! To be fair, he sounded nice, but he's WAY TOO raw for this. Sorry. 5

Ashly Williams
I Will Always Love You
If I didn't know better, I would probably be annoyed by how we got to see her do the full song, but Ashly's rendition of this overdone song was actually pretty good. It didn't deviate so much from the original, which made this sound less impressive, but there's a grit to her tone that was quite refreshing. Nice. 7.5


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