Thursday, December 1, 2011

X Factor US: Top 7

Let me just go straight to the point and say, this episode was underwhelming, but not unexpectedly so. Haha.

On with the rankings!

DISCLAIMER: I am no expert, but this is my opinion - to each his own - and yours will be in the comments below! Haha.

07. Chris Rene
I'll Be There
Where, Chris? You should go there instead! Ugh. If murdering a song is an actual crime, he'd be in jail right now.. and that's all I'm going to say. Thank you very much.  3/10

06. Astro
Black And White
Sigh. I was really hoping that someone would actually SING this song. The performance was decent with a slightly interesting lyrics, but without having to sing in parts actually made it a little pointless. Aside from the backtrack, there was absolutely no resemblance to this Michael Jackson song. I don't know. 5/10

05. Rachel Crow
Can You Feel It
I like Rachel, but this wasn't the best song choice for her. I thought this was more of a spectacle than anything else. Her vocals were a little off in some parts - maybe due to the fact that she was running around the stage? I liked the arrangement though and I thought her stage presence was still fabulous. It's such a shame though that Simon don't seem to know what to do with her. 6/10

04. Josh Krajcik
Dirty Diana
Whoa! Sound mix in Josh's performance was horrible - a lot of his vocals were inaudible throughout. Plus, it was awfully overproduced and he unleashed again his angry growl, which, to me, was a little on the jarring side. It's unfortunate because I somehow liked where he was going with the song. If only he dialed it back a bit and the sound mix a lot better.. 6.5/10

03. Marcus Canty
Yes, his vocals were uneven - again, maybe because he had so much energy traversing the stage - but somehow this performance worked. I loved the arrangement and how they included Usher's DJ Got Us Falling In Love dance beat into it was kind of rad. I was thoroughly entertained despite the flawed vocals. Well, not all of them can actually sing, so who gives the shizz? Besides, it's not as if Chris Brown or Usher can sing everything live with all the traversing and dancing on stage no? Sue me. 6.5/10

02. Melanie Amaro
Earth Song
This performance simply reminded me of Haley Reinhart's awesomeness - yes, this was the song that got her criticized by Jennifer Lopez just because the it wasn't, allegedly, a popular Michael Jackson song. Haha. Melanie's version was vocally flawless - the delivery was perfect and her pitch was spot on. However, I somehow didn't feel any connection with the song and she has still no stage presence beyond her vocals. I think she'll still be fine after this week. 8/10

01. Drew
Billie Jean
The weird thing about this performance was that despite the interesting gender transposition and the fact that this song was incredibly inappropriate for Drew, she made it SO believable. Her phrasing was impeccable, her voice sounded surprisingly strong, she showed more range and everything about it seemed very ethereal and haunting. This, I dare say, was probably one of the best vocal performances of the season. 9/10

Another double elimination tomorrow. Are they trying to finish this season as early as possible? Haha. Anyway, I have a funny feeling that one of Simon's act, which is most likely Rachel Crow, will get the boot tomorrow. I hope I'm wrong though because I prefer her over the other guys. Well, to be perfectly honest, Melanie and Drew are the only ones I'd be shocked to see get eliminated tomorrow. But I'll go on a limb and say that it'll be between Astro, Chris Rene and the one I mentioned above.


Anonymous said...

yes...i did really want to hear someone SING black and white as well..

Anonymous said... or white

Anonymous said...

i agree with you on chris rene and astro but drew as your no # 1 pick is a tad difficult to digest.for god's sake she's really starting to put me to sleep. i don't think simon is doing a good job with her. One more slow song from her and i'll kill myself.

gddepadua said...

season finale is on december 22 so they have to do some double elimination once more.

I still love drew, though many believe she's a one-trick pony just because she sings differently.

X said...

Wow, 3 weeks in a row that I almost agree with you completely. The only things I can point out that I completely DON'T agree with is:

Marcus Canty - he sounded horrible (as usual). The only person he should be ahead of is Chris Rene (who, like you said, slaughtered that song).

Josh Krajcik - I agree with your positioning of him, and that there was too much going on (over produced... which is a common theme with X-Factor it seems). I don't think there was anything "horrible" about it though, and he deserves a top 3 position (which I guess you would have him if you placed Marcus like I did).

Melanie Amaro - nothing really major to disagree with here, just your love of Haley Reinhart ;) Seriously though, to me, comparing Melanie with Haley is like comparing apples to poison ivy (ok, maybe not that bad :) ).

I definitely agree with your assessment of the bottom 2 though for who should go home. Any of the 3 boys would be fine by me though.

Anon456 said...

@gddepadua There might not be another double elimination if they do the finale like the UK version. The X Factor UK has a top 4 instead of a top 2.

Anonymous said...

Drew got the boot. :( only rooting for melanie amaro now... :)

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