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The Sing-Off Season 3: The Live Finale (Episode 11)

written by AL
DAM NATION, Contributor

Well, it has all come down to this!

The Top Ten groups returned to the show for an epic finale. After doing volunteer work with the organizations The Trevor Project, The Sickle Cell Disease Association, and Saving Strokes, the Top Three groups performed for the judges one last time. Then they got to perform with Nick Lachey, Sara Bareilles, and Ben Folds.

Then it was girls versus guys, followed by special guest Smokey Robinson performing with Afro-Blue. In the end, America's votes determined this year's Sing-Off champion: PENTATONIX! I gotta say, I'm pretty pleased with how it all turned out and I can't wait until Pentatonix releases their first album!

Group Performance: The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson

Quick Comments

Without You
Oddly enough, this was the pitchiest performance by Pentatonix yet, but it still sounded good in the end. Maybe it was nerves or time constraints. Still, Pentatonix has pizazz!

Urban Method
Stereo Hearts
Urban Method bringin' their beats to the streets. This performance also sounded a little flat to me, but they kept it together. Myke looked so cheesy at the end when he went, "Yeah!"

Dartmouth Aires
Paradise by the Dashboard Lights
Leave it to the Aires to pick the most theatrical song possible to rock out to. I enjoyed seeing Amy of Delilah sing duet with Michael.

Nick Lachey and Pentatonix
Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)
This was hot! Nick fits right in with Pentatonix and they did a good job on his song. Loved Kirstie's Spanish.

Sara Bareilles and Urban Method
Gonna Get Over You
What a cute performance. Urban Method with Sara "Breezy" lol! They looked so "Grease" in their '50s clothes.

Ben Folds and The Dartmouth Aires
Not the Same
This was super-cool. I loved how quickly Ben taught the whole audience a three-part harmony. The sound was so full.

The Sing-Off Girls
Natural Woman
This season of The Sing-Off had its fair share of divas, and here they gave an amazing and powerful performance.

The Sing-Off Guys
Born to Run
This was fist-pumpingly good! It was a lot of fun to see all the guys performing this rock anthem.

Smokey Robinson and Afro-Blue
You Really Got a Hold On Me
A smooth classic. But with all due respect to Smokey Robinson, I wish Shawn had performed with them instead.


Between commercials, video highlights, and super long dramatic pauses, the voting results were revealed.
The first elimination was Urban Method. They left the stage singing Coming Home by Diddy-Dirty Money as their swan song. Then, in a hail of confetti, Pentatonix won The Sing-Off cash, trophy, and contract. Their victory song: Eye of the Tiger by Survivor, which perfectly described their rise to the top. The Dartmouth Aires' swan song, "Somewhere" from West Side Story can be seen on NBC's website.

And so, the competition is over. Surprised that there's more Sing-Off to come? Me too! Watch next week for a special Christmas episode!


Hatton said...

I've been following the show since episode 1 and your reviews since I found it about episode 5. Thanks for the great reviews and insight!

Ian said...

I like the snow flakes pouring down on your site!

Anonymous said...

Where are the downloads for this week and last?

Anonymous said...

Seriously, what happened to the downloads :(

I love your reviews!

Anonymous said...

I'm still sad about the downloads

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