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Glee Season 3: I Kissed A Girl Episode Review

I Kissed A Girl
Season 3, Episode 7

Hmm. After a couple of really good episodes from Glee, this one seemed a little underwhelming and yes, even disappointing. It's an absolute filler episode that I could've skipped and missed nothing. It features some of the strangest writing choices I've ever seen on this show and it felt like I was watching an hour long PSA. Haha. I don't think it was horrible by any means, but it was arguably the weakest of Season 3.


- This is a little shallow, but whatever. I howled when I heard Rachel say, "I haven't been this worried about a vote since Lambert versus Allen." Haha. It's nice when the shows I blog mentions one another.

- That scene with Santana and her grandmother was well done, pretty intense and I actually felt for Santana. Possibly the strongest scene of the episode - though I have a couple of problems with it, which I will discuss below. Haha.

- Sugar Motta was absolutely hysterical. Yes, she didn't say anything AT ALL, but I caught her doing hilarious little things during the musical numbers.

- How Puck directly confronted Quinn about her insanity was a pleasant surprise. Quinn needed that because she NEVER accepted her own responsibility for her actions and for it to actually come from Puck - one of the few people whose words would mean a lot to her - showed growth in his character. Very nice.

- Glee, for some weird reason, now knows how to execute cliffhangers incredibly well. How they ended this episode was kind of awesome.


- I seriously had high hopes from the last episode's fantastic cliffhanger, but how they went on with Santana's storyline left me a bit disappointed. I don't know. Her storyline is slowly becoming Kurt's from last season, where it all suddenly became a Santana show. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Santana, but I personally don't like being bombarded with ONE specific storyline, which arguably was tackled last season (sexuality) but now from a different character.

- I don't know with the rest of you, but it kind of bothered me that Santana seemed fine after her scene with her grandmother. Yes, this show had problems with continuity, but that was a pretty jolting change. To me, that was a major letdown that the writers didn't pursue that for a few more seconds or minutes.

- Also, after last episode where Santana chocked about not even having told her parents, they completely skipped over their reactions? Really? True, Santana's scene with her grandmother was solid, but still...

- Umm, where was Brittany the whole time throughout this episode besides sitting in the choir room? I know this was more about Santana coming out, but wasn't she technically "outed" as well as Santana's girlfriend? Was she just not supposed to care because she's dumb?

- There were a lot of big events happening in this episode that were reduced and restrained to short little scenes. I was increadibly dumbfounded by how big a NON-EVENT the Congressional election resolution was. After all the campaigning and whatnot of Sue Sylvester, that's how they'll end it? CRAP!

- Why did they cram five songs into the first half of the episode? I don't get it.

- I like that they are giving Coach Bieste more of a story, but I hate the storyline they are giving her.  I groaned loudly when she confessed her love to Cooter. Sorry to say, but everything just made me too uncomfortable. Yikes!

- Oh, and Damian's  7 episode arc is to sit in the choir room and have no lines for the next couple of weeks? Haha. Ridiculous.


PERFECT was good if a little short. This recording was possibly one of my favorites in this episode, and while the performance was a little understated, I kind of liked it. I laughed at Santana's reaction after this number. It was harsh, but awfully funny.

I'M THE ONLY ONE. Wow. Puck's improving. I never really liked most of his solos prior to Season 3, but the songs they chose for him this season were off the hook. This was, to me, a filler song but the way he performed it was actually quite entertaining. He sounded great and the "interaction" between him, Quinn and Shelby was intriguing.

GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN. Still say one of Finn's best vocal performances. This stripped down version was poignant and lovely. Who knew this song could actually be an ode to girls? Good job.

JOLENE. Awkward. That's it.

I KISSED A GIRL was fun. I've always been a  fan of a Santana-Rachel duet and this one was no different. It was a good all around performance with pretty entertaining choreography. Oh, and the context of this was actually kind of nice.

CONSTANT CRAVING. Ok. I admit, the recording didn't do anything for me, but this totally changed my mind. Santana's vocals were fabulous and I liked how it inter-cut to different scenes within Glee club members. And that cliffhanger.. Enough said.


Anonymous said...

Yup, totally agree. The episode had some nice moments, but it wasn't much to write home about. I disliked how they were sending mixed messages, with having the glee club embrace Santana's sexuality, and yet having Sue desperately try to prove to the public that she's NOT lesbian. Because, you know, being a lesbian means less votes in the polls. So... what am I supposed to take from that? That it's okay to be a lesbian unless you're running for some kind of political office? Uh...

I wish they would give Sue a rest; I honestly think the show suffers when she has some kind of B-plot in an episode. I've noticed that the best episodes this season were Sue-less. No coincidence there. And it's obvious that the writers have no clue what to do with Sue now that the elections are over, so of course she has to be Coach Beiste's rival in love! Ugh.

Glad you didn't mention the Puck/Shelby nonsense. I hope to God that's over now. I love Idina Menzel to bits, but she must be ashamed of the material she's been getting.

I love Sugar. She was annoying at first, but she totally wins me over as a background character. Her shenanigans this episode were so distracting, yet so funny.

Poor Damian. He's only been in the spotlight for 2 episodes, and he's already been in 4 of his contracted 7. I guess the writers have no idea what to do with him, except have him do some cute facial expressions. Poor guy. I hope he gets more to do next week.

So, now that Burt's won, doesn't this mean he has to go to Washington or something? Meaning he won't be in many more episodes? Or will he magically be able to fly back and forth between states?

Can't wait to see Sam return next week. The promo for the next episode is a million times better than this episode turned out to be. Plus, competition episodes are always good. I just hope I'm not disappointed.

Anonymous said...

I actually enjoyed Coach Bieste's song... awkward it is... but definitely entertaining... :) for me.. haha!

Anonymous said...

True about santanas storyline being similar to Kurts last season...
It would have been interesting to see her parents reaction, but maybe it was too much for just one episode. Her scene with her abuela was very good, and very real reaction from a puerto rican elederly woman, even though there was a flag of the dominican republic on the fridge?!?! haha gotcha! Naya looked great in this scene!!!, but I probably wouldnt dressed like that with such a serious conversation with my grandma! hahaha
And yes I was dissapointed that Brit didnt really do or say much to Santana. I guess she is suposed to be the careless about what others say... Remember when she wanted to ask Santana out on her talk show? I miss fondue 4 two!
Poor damian! hardly anything left! but maybe they will give him more episodes, besides the 7...
So excited to see white chocolate!

Anonymous said...

interesting episode, I don't think it was bad per se, but it's going to cop a lot of heat from the blogs that hate glee for some of the nonsense that went down.

Clearly they wanted the santana outing story line over before sectionals and they didn't want an entire episode dedicated to her, but their choices led to a very fast mess. Not seeing the parents? Ughh

As for Damian, that was always going to be a problem, I feel for the writers on this one, what on earth do you do for a character that's gone in 7 episodes? It's unfortunate, but bound to happen.

Anonymous said...

What a disappointing episode, I must say. But what can I really expect from a show like Glee, right?

The Puck/Shelby/Quinn storyline is just ridiculous. Santana's coming out was just flat out disappointing. And where the hell was Brittany? She should be the one helping Santana out and not Finn. I just don't get why they're making him hero in this ordeal.

It's also unbelievable that an overachiever like Rachel would be dumb enough to stuff ballots so Kurt wins. You'd think she would have the common sense to think of the consequences and how easy it is to be caught.

That Rory kid should go. He adds nothing special to the show. Sugar can stay though. She's like a hybrid of Santana and Brittany. Bitchy but goofy at the same time. Her background antics are hilarious.

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