Monday, December 5, 2011

Who Wants To Be Part of DAM NATION's Movie Pool?

Starting 2012, THE DAM NATION decided to make the movie reviews of this blog more of a consolidation of capsule reviews from a pool of 15 to 20 people (depends on how many would actually sign up) just to give the reviews a more diverse point of view. It's like RottenTomatoes, but on a considerably smaller scale.

So, yes, we're looking for people who love movies above anything else - regardless of genre, but mainly mainstream. Of course, we're not requiring everyone who'll eventually be part of the Movie Pool to actually watch everything. If you happen to watch a particular movie (2012 onwards), give us a capsule review (maximum of 500 characters) and a rating (out of 10). It doesn't even matter if you happen to watch a movie two months after because we will still include that and may eventually change the overall rating of a film. All we want is commitment.

For bloggers who are interested to join, we will link your blogsite into your capsule reviews. Non-bloggers are also very much welcome and we could just link whatever you want - facebook, twitter or email.

Kindly fill out the form below if you're interested. We'll be creating a separate Movie Pool Page to introduce everyone. Hoping that this attempt to make things even more interactive on this blog will be a success. *crossing fingers*

Note: The "thoughts on the movie.." is just a way to see your perspective on a particular film. Why this film? Well, that's because almost everyone saw it once or twice. Haha. If not, then just put it there.


JoI said...

Hi, I am interested in this movie pool thingy and have filled the form; however, kinda have a problem with the gender option! I'm male and when I select male, it's still asked to fill the required option. HELP! I can't register.


JoI: There shouldn't be a problem. But anyway, I made the gender part "not required" so you could actually submit it without that. You may try again. Thanks for the interest.

Koaxe said...

I just entered my entry to contribute to this wonderful blog. I just had one question. Do you think you know when you will be letting people know if they made it or not? Just curious. Thanks.


Robbie said...


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