Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Glee Music 3: Hold On To Sixteen (Sectionals Episode)

.. so the songs for this season's Sectionals, I have it here.

New Directions, The Troubletones and Harmony's (Lindsay of The Glee Project) Group will battle it out in this year's Sectionals and as for their songs? Well, New Directions performs a Jackson medley, The Troubletones busts out a mashup song and Harmony's team sings a tune from the musical Evita! What do you think?

Surivor/I Will Survive
Hmm. This doesn't strike me as a showstopping number that could actually pull off a Sectionals win. I don't know. I think the vocals are impeccable, but the song choice itself is a bit strange - not a big fan of this Gloria Gaynor's classic hit. This is remotely not in the same league as the Adele mash-up. Sigh. I'm just hoping the performance will make it a bit better. 7/10

Tina as the lead vocalist for New Directions? Wow. Finally! They let her sing a song without breaking down! I wouldn't understand why the show neglects her so hard, but when they give her something to sing she rocks it out. I'm very impressed with how different her timbre is in this song, which makes me think that she actually has one of the most versatile voices on Glee. I think Mike Chang did well and Kurt's lower register is lovely. No, I don't think it's a competition song, but this is all kinds of cute. 8/10

Seriously. Out of all the Janet Jackson songs to do, why go for this one? This doesn't have a nice melody! I think the vocals are a bit uneven. Artie sounds okay, if a bit too nasal for my taste - he sounds good with Blaine though. As for Quinn's part, I think it's kind of nice, which reminds me actually of Born This Way with all the speaking and whatnot. Again, not a competition song, but whatever. 6/10

Man In The Mirror
I'm having a hard time differentiating the voices during the first verse, but I kind of enjoy this. It isn't as epic as I thought it's going to be as it gets a bit messy near the end, but that "messy" part actually made this song a little interesting than usual and kind of fantastic. I still don't know how this song - along with the first two Jackson songs - will work in competitions as I don't really see them too much of a show choir material, but again, whatever. Haha. Just saying. 8/10

 We Are Young
This is just so crazy good that it gives me a giddy Season 1 group number feelings all over. I love Mercedes wailing at the background - I missed that! I enjoy that little Rachel and Finn duet, which feels like old times. Plus, SAM IS BACK!! Truth be told, there's something about all the post-Sectionals songs that always make me feel really giddy inside. I don't know what it is. 9/10

Red Solo Cup
I'm not really a fan of the song, but the actual performance - yes, I saw the preview - kind of made up for this dumb song. I really love these random performances a la Ride Wit Me in Season 1. Plus, Sam is back! 7/10
Buenos Aires
Again, another great vocals from Lindsay (The Glee Project)! I'm not so sure if I dig the arrangement of the song - or was it the song to begin with? Haha. - but this just didn't excite me that much. I kind of wish that this song is doing more for me, but her previous performance was so much better. 7/10

(all 7 songs)


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