Thursday, December 22, 2011

X Factor: The Finale

I said once (or maybe a couple of times already) and I'll say it again, X Factor US was so bad, it's actually turning out to be really entertaining. Haha. Remember before X Factor even started in the US, and how many pundits predicted that this was going to blow American Idol out of the water? Well, obviously that didn't happen.

Sure, the production is just as extravagant as some of the grandest award show in Hollywood, but that's about it. Talent wise, there's not much - though there are a couple of shining stars in the bunch, the judges were a lot less charming than ANY panel in ANY reality talent show there is, and the host is unimpressive. Shoot me if you want, but this show has not done a good job of making me feel good like American Idol or even The Voice did.

So, I don't really care how many times Simon and company mention the $5M prize, this season was just a complete trainwreck. It would be so fitting for Chris Rene to win no? Haha.

Oh, and Simon's "It's going to be the closest Final we've ever had" was stupid. This is X Factor's first season, what are you talking about?

On with the performances!


03. Chris Rene
Complicated (with Avril Lavinge)
I admit, Chris had great moments on the show, but if this performance is what will actually make him a star, I'll have remove my eardrums! Seriously. Listen to the first 15 seconds of the performance and he already hit enough clunkers that could actually sink a boat. Even Avril sounded rough on some parts. Sorry, but this was awful. And really Paula? This isn't about every note being perfect? Well, how about trying to get at least some of them on pitch? Such a joke! 2/10

02. Josh Krajcik
Uninvited (with Alanis Morissette)
What happened? He started out incredibly rough - I didn't think he got to hit a good note right before he introduced Alanis -  and just never recovered. Those soft low vocals were, arguably, his weak spots and it wasn't really a smart idea to start out so low. Plus, he looked awkward and utterly nervous. Thank God for Alanis! Sorry. 4/10

01. Melanie Amaro
I Believe I Can Fly (with R Kelly)
It wasn't that good, but by far the best of all the duets. So, I didn't really understand why LA Reid ridiculously criticized this performance considering his protegee, Chris Rene, had a lot of bad notes and Melanie was right on pitch. If this was on a different key - and they didn't include those annoying birds flying around Melanie head - this would've been so much better. 7/10

(Seriously? This is it?)

03. Chris Rene
Young Homie
It's official! With three performances of Young Homie, Chris Rene just set a new record once held by Kimberley Locke's Over The Rainbow and Tatiana Del Toro's Savin All My Love For You for singing a particular song in a span of one season in any singing competition - minus the reprises, of course! Haha. Sure, it's original and I actually like the tune, but let's hear another song other than this! Also, I'm sick of hearing the judges call him "the truth" when they're not being able to tell him the truth. Haha. 7/10

02. Josh Krajcik
At Last
Good, but forgettable if not for those crazy serial killer faces - which to me were incredibly unappealing. Just saying. 7.5/10

01. Melanie Amaro
I was hoping for some uptempo, but this was really good. I mean, her vocals were outstanding, her connection with the song was impressive and it felt like the ONLY performance of the night that was worth of being part of the Finale episode. If her voice could kill, the two boys are dead by now. Haha. One thing though - Dear Melanie, keep your accent consistent. Pick one and go with it. Thank you! 8.5/10

If it's just me, the rightful winner SHOULD be Melanie Amaro. But I still call Chris Rene to win because of his MAJOR backstory (that obviously has nothing to do with his singing. Haha) + 3x Young Homie = Unbeatable. Plus, he would fit this train wreck of a show perfectly. I wouldn't disregard Josh too because he pulled off the White Guy With Guitar act (i.e. David Cook, Kris Allen, Lee DeWyze, Scotty McCreery)


WS said...

Surely the song to win the 5 million was actually just singing their audition song?

X said...

For once, I completely agree with your rankings, right down to who should win based solely on the finale performances and who will probably win based on 1 damn song (that was an ok song, but not worth 5 million dollars).

Overall, the finale was absolutely horrible: 3 duets (none of which were all that great and didn't serve to highlight any of the contestants' talents) and 3 songs we've already heard (1 of them 3 times already!).

Duets like that belong in the final show (ie the results show) NOT part of the actual competition.

Seriously, I don't understand what the producers were thinking. I really thought the idea was to KEEP viewers, not make them want to change the channel.

Anyways, I REALLY hope I'm wrong about the winner, and someone who deserves to win (ie Melanie or Josh) gets it.

X said...

So happy I was wrong about the winner.

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