Monday, December 12, 2011

The Sing-Off Season 3 Wrap-Up: Top 15 Performances

Here at The DAM Nation, we've had a blast reviewing this season of The Sing-Off! So much that we put together a list of our favorite Top 15 perfomances! Not counting the opening group performances, or anything after the voting period, these are the performances that made us cheer the most for our favorite teams during the competition! Who had the best choreography? Who was the most creative? Which song was the most moving? Do our top picks match yours?

Note: The list is based on the rankings of both DAM and AL (The Sing-Off Reviewers)

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15. Pinball Wizard
Darthmouth Aires
They literally made a pinball machine with only their voices and their bodies! Awesome!

14. Whataya Want From Me
The way they slowly built this song from one solo to a full chorus and stayed on key the entire time could not have been easy.

13. Killing Me Softly
I've loved this song since I was a kid and Afro-Blue's performance really 'struck a chord' (actually many chords) with me.

12. Your Love Is My Drug
It may not have been a hit with the judges, but their spin on Ke$ha was a hit with me. I liked the re-arranged melody and was blown away by the dubstep remix.

11. Every Little Step
Vocal Point
I'm still amazed at how tight they were vocally while doing all those cool dance moves.

10. Love Lockdown
Everyone was shaking after this performance! Who knew 5 people could be so intense?

09. Born To Be Wild
I loved all the detail they put into this: revving motors, crazy rhythms, and boss harmonies. It rocked!

08. Let's Get It On
Need I say more?

07. How To Love
A heartfelt rendition that improved on the original, in my own opinion.

06. Put Your Records On
A smooth and effortless performance. Very entertaining.

05. Queen Medley
Darthmouth Aires
Three amazing songs in one; I loved when Sara grabbed Shawn's arm in awe at the pause right before the end.

04. American Boy
This jazzy remix showed how masterful Afro-Blue was as a vocal group.

03. Grenade
Delilah knocked it out of the park with this stunning debut performance. Sexy, passionate, and intense.

02. Dog Days Are Over
Simply amazing. Audio-drama. A rollercoaster of sound. I think Pentatonix won a lot of votes here by going out on a real high note.

01. Video Killed The Radio Star
Great sound and great choreography. A fun performance that everyone had to love.


Anonymous said...

totally agree!

Anonymous said...

Wait! You're missing Afro-Blue's final song "A Chnage is Gonna Come!" That HAS to be on the top list somewhere!!

dadiva18 said...

I say one of my all-time favs is "Dream On" sung by Delilah. It gave me goosebumps!

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