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Glee Season 3: Extraordinary Merry Christmas Episode Review

Extraordinary Merry Christmas
Season 3, Episode 9

This episode was disappointing! They crammed the entire episode with song so there wasn't any room for a real storyline. Heck, I could have skipped this episode as if it didn't affect anything that went on in Season 3. I hate to say this, but I actually prefer last year's Christmas episode better because while a little stupid had a real storyline and was actually a lot funnier.

I just didn't get any warm fuzzy Christmas feelings after the episode - not that I was expecting to, but that what usually happens with Christmas episodes right? I could tell they were trying to achieve just that, but in my eyes it failed. Sad to say, I actually felt more of an emotional tug last year when Artie got "legs".


- I like this "new" Sam. He showed much more depth and maturity. I'm really hoping he hangs around for a long time. Seriously.

- The homeless shelter was the best part of the episode. I thought that was really sweet, but we get what, five minutes of it? Sigh.

- I kind of liked Sue here. She was genuinely nice and her reasons for being such was quite legitimate. I felt for her and I saw her disappointment when the Glee club decided to ditch her for that awfully boring TV special.  


- I hate to say this, but the black and white special was extremely boring, such a waste of time, and it felt like it went on FOREVER. I kept watching with my mouth open hoping that it will get better, but I looked at the clock and only 10 minutes passed. Haha. The only moment where I didn't want to punch ALL OF THEM in the face was when the Cheerios went in to perform.

- It was nice to have these shoutouts to old Christmas specials, but since a lot of young people watching the show are born prior to these specials, I don't think most (including me!) would understand the 60s style of Christmas TV specials that's being imitated. So, while the jokes may have amused the writers, most of us just missed them!

- So sad that the writers decided to make Rachel clueless again! They have had YEARS to develop her character, and THIS was the best they can do with her? Seriously? No doubt in my mind that Rachel deserves a bit of character development. I mean, everyone else did right?

- In terms of an enjoyable Christmas story, this one lacked pathos.

- I cringed at the comment that Artie's legs from last season's Christmas episode broke in an hour. That was just a cheap shot to explain why they haven't been around since.

- Artie annoyed the heck out of me for some reason. For some people, Christmas is not all about fun. Reality check, please!

- The song they performed at the homeless shelter was totally mishandled and I'll discuss that below.

- Was it just me or did the episode seem like they had the songs and then decided to design a Christmas episode around it.  In the same breath that it felt really rushed.


ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU was actually a fun number. I was hoping that they would let this performance set the tone for the rest of the episode, but they didn't. Somehow, I just like to see everyone having fun and this did just that.

BLUE CHRISTMAS. Zzzzzz. Sorry. It was nicely sung, but it WAY TOO SLOW!

RIVER was lovely. I admit, I like Rachel Berry and her performances excites me regardless of the tempo because she sells the song, at least to me, brilliantly. This was no exception. Not a fan of the song, but she made me enjoy this Christmas ditty.

EXTRAORDINARY MERRY CHRISTMAS. Blaine and Rachel had this exceptionally palpable chemistry when they sing together. I thought this was charming, on all respects.

LET IT SNOW. While I prefer their Baby, It's Cold Outside duet, this was still quite delightful. The fancy choreography was kind of entertaining and again, their chemistry was really good. I wonder what's with Blaine. Haha.

MY FAVORITE THINGS is a decent number. They all sounded together, but just didn't do anything or me. I don't know. I loved Rachel's over-the-top expressions though.

SANTA CLAUSE IS COMING TO TOWN. It's ok. It seemed random, but whatever.

CHRISTMAS WRAPPING. I didn't expect to enjoy this, but I loved the energy. It's a visual treat with the Cheerios and their bows (?). Oh, and Brittany I thought performed the song quite capably. Nice.

DO THEY KNOW IT'S CHRISTMAS, as I've said, was totally mishandled. There was way too much smiling going on during the performance, which led me to ask, Do they know what they were singing? Also, it wasn't an appropriate song to sing to that particular audience. The song could've been more effective if the New Directions had come to the shelter, had a look around, and sang it not as a performance, but as a revelation to themselves. But what do I know right? Haha.


Sendo said...

oh...hmm.what's with blaine?! ang galing lang niya siguro hehe

Anonymous said...

Such a stupid episode.

I honestly would have preffered it we just had 40mins of shots of each of the kids at home on christmas, maybe brit and santana actually talking?

Also Rachel is Jewish, WTH?

nQw said...

totally agree with you on Artie and "Do They Know It's Christmas".

Christmas is not always about fun, Artie annoyed me so much in this episode, what Sam said at the auditorium was so true after Rachel singing River! It's like telling people to escape from the truth of reality.

Do They Know It's Christmas is so visually wrong, I was wondering why are they smiling and being so happy when they were singing about Africa and people suffering from poverty and stuff...of all the Christmas song that they could cheer the homeless up, they chose to remind them being poor and homeless? OMG, I wonder is this the reason why the ratings have dropped for Glee?

Matthew Morrison directed this episode...I don't think they should let him direct anymore...LOL

mark1814 said...

I have to agree with most of what has already been said. To me this was just a 40 minute advert for the Christmas album. The music falls flat without any proper story. Normally I love the music and how it's incorporated into the show but here I was like "not another song!"

I had such high hopes for this episode but was totally disappointed. The story we had for Rachel would have worked in season 1 but sadly it's like she's gone back in time.

I'm in the U.K. so the 60s style American Xmas special ment nothing to me and I hated it. I hated thought too much about "Do the Know It's Christmas" because I'd totally switched off by then but your comments on that are spot on.

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