Thursday, December 8, 2011

X Factor US: Top 5

.. and suddenly we're down to 5? Haha. I admit, after losing two of the current sounding contestants last week - Astro and Drew - I don't plan on investing anything on this show anymore this season. Sure, it showed promise, but it seems to be closing on a rough note.

So, I decided to not take anything about this show seriously..

On with the show!

(aka, any song and then remix it! HAHA)

05. Josh Krajcik
We Found Love
Admittedly, I was somehow looking forward to hear his version of this Rihanna ditty, and while I thought he sounded quite nice on some parts, he seemed so out of place singing the song. I don't know. Maybe it just didn't fit his gruff voice. He should've followed Melanie's route and remixed something. 6/10

04. Chris Rene
Live Your Life
I kind of dug this! Oops! I can't believe I just typed that. HAHA. Yes, Chris Rene and pitch have this love-hate relationship, but this song choice worked perfectly well for him. I thought the pseudo-rap style fits him better than straight singing - because we all know he can't sing to save his life! 6.5/10

03. Marcus Canty
Ain't Nobody
He sounded solid on this song and he had me grooving along with him. I thought his pitch was a lot better compared to his previous performances and, as always, his stage presence was really good. That said, this was a little too safe for my taste. Just saying. 7/10

02. Melanie Amaro
Someone Like You
This version was, umm, odd. I didn't really puke after the performance - ballads turned into dance songs are bit stupid, at least to me - but somehow this actually worked. It didn't seem to flow quite right though as it ended just before I was able to warm up to the arrangement. As usual, her vocals were great. How I wish she performed something from David Guetta's songs, like Kelly Rowland's When Love Takes Over. Melanie's vocals would soar on that tune. Oh well. Missed opportunity. 7/10

01. Rachel Crow
Nothin' On You
This was really good. Her vocals weren't perfect - I thought it was a little clumsy in parts - but something about the performance made me realize that she could actually win this thing. She was oozing with tons of charisma, she's exponentially adorable and she worked that stage like a pro. For her age, I NEVER saw her got swallowed up y the crazy light show on that stage. A little fine tuning on her vocals, and she would be awesome. 7.5/10

(aka, sing something boring? HAHA)

05. Josh Krajcik
Not Josh's finest week. His version was, arguably, decent if a little too forced for my liking. I also thought that his growls overpowered some of the words. I'm now more than convinced that enunciation is Josh's greatest weakness as a singer. Oh, and let me just say. I sure had a couple of issues with this show, but I NEVER wanted to reach the screen and bitchslap someone the way I wanted to with Nicole when she called Josh the male Adele. PLEASE!! 6.5/10

04. Rachel Crow
Music And Me
Vocally, this wasn't Rachel best, but again, her adorable quirks made up for it. Of all the contestants, Rachel is by far the most likable and that's not something to sneeze at. I think her personality shines through when she's singing and this was no exception. 7/10

03. Melanie Amaro
When You Believe
This was a highly competent version of the song. It's awfully predictable, but her voice was just glorious. There's no doubt that Melanie is the best vocalist on this show, and that says something. However, could you please shut up! Seriously. She should just keep her mouth closed after she's done singing because it's not endearing nor entertaining. Shoot me! 8/10

02. Marcus Canty
A Song For You
.. and then this happened! Wow. This will forever be an Elliott Yamin song to me, but Marcus' version was better than I expected. His voice tends to be shrill on some of the higher notes, but I didn't really mind. He had emotional connection to the song and his vocals were spot. Definitely his best vocal performance EVER! 8.5/10

01. Chris Rene
Where Do We Go From Here
This one's a little tricky. Chris Rene, to me, can't really sing. FACT! But I realized now that I do like his tone. Yes, he badly needs some vocal lessons, but the potential is there. Besides, it's not as if the current pop artists we have now can sing a la Marvin Gaye or Stevie Wonder. Autotune will be his bestfriend, but at least he's current - probably the most current of the five remaining contestants. Now, as for the song, it was a little repetitive - it needed more body - but there's something compelling about it. Oh, and I respect that Chris just gave one of the smartest performances in any reality singing competition show EVER.  Yes, it's right behind Kristy Lee Cook singing God Bless The USA. HAHA. 8.5/10

I don't care at this point really. I thought Marcus Canty did surprisingly well this week, but since he was in the Bottom 2 for two straight weeks, I can see him getting the boot. I wouldn't be surprised though if Josh Krajcik, Melanie Amaro or Rachel Crow gets eliminated instead. But somehow, I think it's between Marcus Canty and Josh Krajcik. Ugh. I don't know. All I know is that Chris Rene is freakin' safe. Haha.


Anonymous said...

no one can beat elliott yamin. didnt like the version from marcus :p

X said...

How did I know you were going to put Chris Rene at the top of your list for that last song?

I wasn't impressed by it at all. The vocals were weak (as usual), the lyrics were repetitive (like you said) and, to me, sounded like they were written by someone in 5th grade. I really don't understand why everyone seems to love this guy (aside from his story).

I also REALLY disagree with your assessment of Josh's performances. I thought they were both pretty darn good, and only Melanie was better overall for the night.
Rachel was good, but not great (her norm). And, while Marcus' 2nd song was probably his best so far, I still don't like his voice (he's got a nasally/whiney quality to his voice that just irritates me more than anything). He does have good stage presence, but this is a competition for a RECORDING artisit... not a stage performer... so, to me, stage presence isn't even remotely enough.

Of course, without Drew around, the show is just lacking.

I would also like to say that the host (Steve?) is seriously lacking in the personality department and NEEDS to be replaced for next season. I would also like to see LA Reid be replaced as well. And I would love to see the show be less about the judges and more about the singers (like it should be).

Erwin said...

HAHA IS that u Dam? Liking chris rene? hahahah

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

HA HA HA HA chris rene only chris rene is best in x factor go chriss rene.

Anonymous said...

Chris Rene is _far_ from the best. Can't sing _not equal to_ unique voice. I have a bad feeling he's going to win, but the winner really should be Melanie or Josh. But what do I know, I thought the top 4 should have been Melanie, Josh, Drew, and Rachel.

Anonymous said...

Eh? There were two performances that day? Well that pretty much summed up that I am no longer watching the show. It's cheesy, I hate the judges and the host, and it's scripted badly. Plus with the whole (SPOILER ALERT) Rachel breakdown made me somehow think this is the stupid-est singing show that I've ever seen. I don't hate Nicole for doing that, but with the dramatic drama that she did, I felt it's all staged. Even Rachel breakdown felt staged for me. Why don't they just be strong, like what UK judges do, especially Cheryl Cole with all the Gamu drama? Meh totally utter mess. And degrading too compared to UK one.

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