Friday, May 17, 2013

American Idol 12: Finale!

It’s over. American Idol Season 12 has come to a conclusion with, what I consider, one of it's most entertaining Finale nights ever. Oh, and make no mistake about this; Candice Glover has triumphed over incredible odds to become the first female winner of American Idol since Jordin Sparks.

She had momentum building each and every week since she burst into the frontrunners circle this season after she was unjustly cut last year and since then she has yet to look back. Candice Glover has a voice that is incredibly powerful, versatile, and has been increasingly clever and inspiring. I think the right choice was made. If Jordin Sparks, who won the lackluster Season 6, has had some success and has found a bit of a niche with the Pop/R&B route, I don't think Candice will have any trouble creating her own.

Yes, it's the end of an era on American Idol and I can't wait for what's in store for next season!

Now, as for some observations and comments on the Finale show after the jump!
  • Of course, everyone sings in white. Again. For some reason I will never know.
  • They open with The Wanted's Glad You Came and it's a lip-synch trainwreck! Haha.
  • Wait, no announcement of the total votes that came in? 
  • The Band Perry and Janelle Arthur took the stage, performed Done. and rocked it with some hair flying fierceness. This was FUN and that's something this whole season has been seriously lacking.
  • This has to be one of my favorite performances tonight! Just outstanding.
  • So, you know how Idol loves to film stupid little skits and they're never really funny, but they keep trying anyway? Like a drunk relative at a wedding? Well, they finally did it. They created a legitimately funny skit! "Idol Sabotage" segment satirizing the WGWG streak was comedy gold, especially when Jordin Sparks said "None of you guys play guitar." Haha.
  • "At least Idol leftovers are doing well on The Voice." HOLY SHADE. They really went there and I died. Haha. This was hysterical.
  •  The boys took the stage to perform a Frankie Valli medley. Cheese I say!!!
  • "Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for Frankie Valli!".. Umm, why?
  • Mariah needs to work on her lip-syncing skills. Even Paula Abdul does it better.
  • Why did they give Amber Holcomb a song that was just performed by Candice last week? Recycling songs? Really?
  • ZERO chemistry between Amber and Emeli Sande. Such a shame.  
  • PSY!
  • Let's all be honest: Psy is actually more entertaining than ALL of the guys this season. That's all I'm going to say.
  • Keith is only one of the VERY FEW country singers that I can enjoy listening too. 
  • Candice Glover's voice is flawless on Insperable. ALL THE TIME.
  • And then, Jennifer Hudson came out and things got even more spectacular! She's way too bombastic though, but I digress.
  • There’s always a few performances at the Finale that just make you sit back and take notice. This was most certainly one of them! Two of the best voices American Idol has ever found singing a duet. Wow.
  •  SHUT IT DOWN!! Can't we get the confetti shower now?
  •  Angie. Adam. Titanium. 
  • But Angie over emoting the song slightly ruined the duet for me. She should be singing, "I am disingenuous!"
  • Jessie J and her lack of clothes and hair. She sounded good though.
  • Hold up! Why did we get two duet for Angie again?
  • WHY IS THIS VIDEO CLIP SO FUNNY? How I wish we got to see this much personality from these contestants through out the season.
  • Please don't tell me this what Kree Harrison got for her duet! Where's Carrie Underwood?
  • Good to see Kree working the stage though. Not the best song to show her voice, but they had to pick something that Keith could also be able to sing, right?
  • It's nice to know that they're giving Randy Jackson a farewell video package with Bad Day as it's background music.
  • I have to be honest, I've been VERY critical of Randy Jackson, but it's going to feel so different without him next year.
  • Awkward performance with Aretha Franklin.
  • I don't want to comment on Jennifer Lopez's "performance" so I won't. HAHA.
  • Kree and Candice duet sounded good, but the song was just annoyingly too old!!
  • .. and the winner is Candice Glover!


Anonymous said...

I would have been happy if Candice, Kree, or Angie won! They were my favorites all season long, so I am excited to see what happens next year! I am more excited to see your favorite performances list!!!

X said...

Highlight of the night for me was Angie and Adam together, followed by Angie and Jessie J.
As for Angie getting two duets, there could be a couple of reasons. One, they realize Angie is going to be a bigger star than either of the final 2. And/or she was supposed to perform another original song, but that idea got scrapped so they were making it up to her.

Speaking of Angie's original song, who wants to bet that her song gets more downloads that Candace's (and Kree's too if they release her single as well...I can't remember if they do or not).

My 2nd favorite performance of the night was the Band Perry with Janelle. I think if Janelle would have had more performances like this during her time in the competition should might have made it a bit further.

Anyways, glad this season is over. It was a rather disappointing season for me, with very few memorable moments. Speaking of memorable moments, I wouldn't include any of the "winner's" performances in the memorable category. I seriously thought Candice was overrated. Sure, she was a good singer, but I hardly think she was the best ever, or even the best this year. My opinion of course.

DAM said...

X: Well, Candice's song is now sitting at #11 on iTunes and Kree is currently at #38. I don't see Angie's song in the mix and they released them all at the same time. :) Just saying.

DAM said...

X: Let me correct that. Kree is now at #31 and I double checked, and Angie's song is not part of Top 300 songs in iTunes.

X said...

Not sure what the deal is, but Angie posted on Twitter that "You Set Me Free" will not be able to appear on the charts (maybe the powers-that-be didn't want her to outshine the "top 2"?). So, we'll never know if she would beat out Candace or not.

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