Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Voice 4: Top 8 Results Show

I'd actually like to take a moment for a quick rant.

Yes, it finally happened! HOLLY CRAP! We went from witnessing one frontrunner being eliminated to another. Favorite contestants were ejected and forgotten left and right like minor characters from Lost. I firmly believe that this is not a typical season for The Voice, and that's because the talent is so intense, but with four country singers left in the competition, I was thinking that the country vote would be diluted.

You see, when there are so many contestants of a similar genre and style there will be casualties and will be run over by the vote-splitting express train. But somehow, that didn't happen here and we're officially in uncharted waters.

Admittedly, I don't mind some of the country singers - in fact, Danielle Bradbery is pretty unstoppable based on her iTunes sales - but a possible ALL COUNTRY FINALE is a bit too much. I'm not particularly a fan of Judith Hill, but she's definitely A LOT more interesting than two of Blake's singers. I don't know, but this results were upsetting.

The Voice 4 ratings is already at a SERIES low this week, and with the lack of diversity - they should just call this The Country Voice instead - expect a free fall much like what happened to American Idol this season also due to the same problem.

Again, HOLLY CRAP! I'm already bored for next week's Top 6 show just thinking about it. HAHA.

RESULTS after the jump!

Michelle Chamuel
Danielle Bradbery
Sasha Allen
The Swon Brothers
Amber Carrington
Holly Tucker!!!

Judith Hill
Sarah Simmons


Anonymous said...

Definitely didn't see that coming. And I thought the finale would be Judith vs Sarah. lol.

X said...

Sarah going home was completely understandable to me... I haven't cared for her at all throughout the entire competition.

Judith on the other hand has been pretty good, and this week's performance was probably her best so far. However, aside from a couple performances, she always seems to go overboard with the runs and stuff, which I seriously dislike. So, I'm ok with her going home (though I though for sure it was going to be Sasha).

As for the finale...I can't remember how the Voice works it. Is the last show the final 4? or 2? Either way, I expect Sasha and Holly (or maybe the Swon Bros) leave the show next week with the final 4 being Michelle, Amber, Danielle, and the Swon Bros (or Holly).

And if it goes to a final 2, that will be a tough call. In my opinion, Michelle, Amber, and Danielle all could win this. Doing a quick glance on the Voice's facebook page, it looks like Michelle and Danielle have the most supporters. I'd really like to see Michelle win, but any of those 3 would be ok with me.

danni said...

That was a HUGE surprise. But I love surprises. I'm gonna miss Sarah though ):

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