Saturday, May 18, 2013

American Idol 12: You Set Me Free - Angie Miller

Unprecedented! Yes, this season's third place finisher and apparently, TPTB's chosen one ALSO released her debut single, You Set Me Free. That's right! The song that made her THE frontrunner after performing this original song in front of the judges during Hollywood week.

While I'm not exactly a big fan of Angie Miller - there's something about her voice and her inflections that just doesn't work for me - I can't deny the fact that You Set Me Free is actually a great track. It has that soaring quality and it's a well-written song. Not sure if I'm liking the production on this as I was hoping it's more stripped down just like how she performed it on American Idol - this felt like she was trying to compete with all the instrumentation - but I'm actually surprised with the dynamics she incorporated on this particular arrangement. Enjoy!


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