Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Voice 4: Live Playoffs Part 2

Tonight was less than stellar compared to yesterday, but I must say that there were a couple of outstanding performances from Team Shakira and Team Blake. Somehow, I feel like every team has at least one solid contestant worthy to win the show and that makes for a strong season.

That said, will these judges ever criticize anybody? It's almost as bad as Ellen DeGeneres or even Steven Tyler. Oh, and where are the supposed "fresh songs" that makes the show so much "cooler" than American Idol when they used Against All Odds, Imagine, Feeling Goods, I Have Nothing, Let's Stay Together and How Do I Live all in two days!!

On with the show!


04. Karina Iglesias
Let's Stay Together
Was it just me or was Karina on a totally different key? I don't know if it was the song or the worse possible arrangement of this Al Green classic, but she to me sounded off key for the most part. Her vibrato was almost annoying and I didn't feel like she had any emotional connection to the song. Or if there was, I suspect that it was one of pure hate. Haha. 5

03. Kris Thomas
When I Was Your Man
Kris seemed nervous no? His vocals was incredibly shaky during the first part, but when his performance picked up, it was actually pretty good. I still think he has a lot of potential with his unique tone, but consistency is key for Kris. 6

02. Garrett Gardner
Decent. This wasn't a bad performance, but it was also not very exciting. I mean, Imagine again? Shakira complained about Usher giving a Whitney song to Cathia when she picked herself a John Lennon song for her act. I do think that Garrett has some nice qualities to his voice, but he needs to know where to place them on a song for emphasis and not for some meaningless growls. Just saying. 6

01. Sasha Allen
Oh Darlin!
Did Sasha just whooped Judith's butt? Haha. I don't know why, but there's a sense of inevitable comparison between Sasha and Judith and somehow, I like the former way better than the latter. Sasha seemed less affected in her delivery and there's something compelling about her. I thought her rendition of Oh Darlin was awesome from the vocal dynamics to the nuances to that big glory note. It's not perfect by any means, but it's hands down the best in Shakira's team. 9


04. The Swon Brothers
Fishin' In The Dark
Boring. I honestly have no idea how to evaluate this performance. I didn't get the appeal and everything felt like some family shindig. How come Adam needs to eliminate someone from his team when Blake has a couple of mediocre contestants? 5

03. Holly Tucker
How Do I Live
Sure, Holly has a solid voice with a pretty impressive range, but this song choice was a predictable as Blake's love for country singers. To be honest, I felt cold after her performance. 6

02. Justin Rivers
Meet In The Middle
Ok. Justin arguably has a generic sound and his vocals weren't exactly mind blowing, but he's pretty charismatic and entertaining. He brought a certain level of energy to the whole proceeding - that was undeniably missing the entire episode - and it doesn't hurt that he's actually an attractive guy. 7

01. Danielle Bradbery
Maybe It Was Memphis
Cassadee Pope better hurry up and release her "country" record because this show has found a new and probably more authentic country star with Danielle. For an inexperienced girl, she's got some unbelievable natural abilities with perfect pitch, good phrasing and a maturity beyond her years. Her potential is overwhelming. 8.5

Team Shakira
Sasha Allen
Garrett Gardner
Kris Thomas
Team Blake
Danielle Bradbery
Justin Rivers
The Swon Brothers


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