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The Voice 4: Knockout Rounds Part 1

Is it early for me to claim that The Voice Season 4 probably has the strongest bunch EVER? Indeed, there are a couple of ringers in the group, but that doesn't take away the fact that we actually have a solid group of singers this season - and pretty diverse!

That said, I still think that this round should have, at least, ONE STEAL for that contestant that got paired up with another strong performer and I saw a couple of singers who didn't deserve to go home this early.

But as always, I digress.

Let's get on with the rankings!


08. Midas Whale
Higher Ground
ELIMINATED (vs. Amber Carrington)
I like that they're quirky, folksy with tons of personality, but their performance was a little uneven. Their harmonies in particular went off the rails towards the end of the song. I do think they're a very charismatic duo, but they got beat out by someone who killed it technically. 6

07. Amy Whitcomb
House of the Rising Sun
ELIMINATED (vs. Caroline Glaser)
I'm a fan of Amy since her The Sing-Off days and I thought her rendition of House of the Rising Sun, thought flawed, was still pretty solid. She hit a couple of wonky notes during the first half of her performance, but ended the song impressively. It became a little shouty, but I digress. 7

06. Orlando Dixon
All My Life
ELIMINATED (vs. Judith Hill)
Yes, I love the tone of his voice - even more than Kris Thomas from Shakira's team. His pitch was mostly on point, his tone worked lovely with the song choice and while he did a bit too much with his runs towards the end, I can't blame him. He's up against the most hyped contestant on this show and he's possibly a dead man walking coming into this Knockout Round. Poor Orlando. 7

05. Judith Hill
Always On My Mind
WINNER (vs. Orlando Dixon)
The girl can sing! She has a depth to her tone that's compelling and she phrases her song impeccably. That said, just like how I felt with Cassadee Pope last season, I just can't root for someone who's a pro coming into the competition. How will a newbie win over a more experienced performer? You see, I like some growth and I don't think Judith still has that quality. Prove me wrong! 8

04. Amber Carrington
I'm With You
WINNER (vs. Midas Whale)
I didn't see her as a real contender coming into the Battle Rounds, but she's proving herself worthy of a spot in the semifinals. I mean, her version of Avril Lavigne's I'm With You was surprisingly  good. She connected well with the materials, her pitch was spot on and that last note was incredible. I'd watch out for this girl. 8

03. Caroline Glaser
Little Talks
WINNER (vs. Amy Whitcomb)
LOVE. HER. I don't know what's with Caroline, but I'm just drawn at her. There's a lilting quality to her tone that's VERY special, her voice sounded soothing and her song choice was pretty rad. Yes, she may not have the biggest range in the bunch, but I see her as a very marketable artist after the show. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that she's actually beautiful no? 8

02. Warren Stone
(I Just Died) In Your Arms
ELIMINATED (vs. Sarah Simmons)
WHY ADAM? WHY? Warren, to me, is possibly one of the strongest male vocalists this season and he got eliminated due to the fact he got paired up with another strong performer, Sarah Simmons. It's unfortunate because Warren's take on this song was bloody fantastic! I liked that he tried something new other than country, his vocals were terrific and the emotions he put on with his performance was impressive. Sigh. If only one can steal him. 8.5

01. Sarah Simmons
Wild Horses
WINNER (vs. Warren Stone)
What I like about Sarah is that her voice have so many facets that everytime I hear her sing, there's another interesting thing about it. Her rendition of Wild Horses was quite riveting as she worked the dynamics from the lilting inflections at the beginning to a raspy almost screechy (in a good way) execution of notes at the top of her range. There's something both angelic and edgy about her voice and I love it. 9


08. Mary Miranda
Every Breath You Take
ELIMINATED (vs. Kris Thomas)
Eh. Possibly one of the more disappointing performances of the night. I agree with Usher, her sense of youthfulness was gone mostly because of her song choice and her vocals were just not at par with most of the contestants. She was sharp in spots and I felt like she had problems hitting some of the notes towards the end. Sorry. 4

07. Kris Thomas
What A Wonderful World
WINNER (vs. Mary Miranda)
Good for him that he went up against Mary Miranda because his performance wasn't that good as well. True, he managed to hit his notes more accurately than his counterpart, but his vibrato was all over the place and I felt like he did to much with the melody. I like that his tone is what sets him apart from the rest, but he needs to watch out for those unnecessary vocal embellishments. 5

06. Tawyna Reynolds
Hell On Heels
ELIMINATED (vs. Garrett Gardner)
Hmm. Not sure what to think of her performance. A part of me enjoyed the sass and the attitude that came with the whole shenanigans, but there's something about her voice that didn't sit with me that well. Maybe it's just me? 5.5

05. Monique Abbadie
Power of Love
ELIMINATED (vs. Karina Iglesias)
Are you kidding me? I seriously have nothing about this Celine Dion song, but she has got to have a better repertoire than this!! Her vocals were uneven, but she mostly pulled off some of the more difficult notes to hit. Yeah. She was technically decent, but I didn't think she showcased what she wants to be as an artist. 5.5

04. Garrett Gardner
Too Close
WINNER (vs. Tawyna Reynolds)
While I still prefer Melanie Martinez's haunting version of the song, I somehow felt like Garrett gave the song a new life. It's a more intense rendition backed with his gritty vocals that shockingly worked. I'd love to have Warren Stone instead of him, but that's not possible, so whatever. 7

03. Shawna P
Maybe I'm Amazed
ELIMINATED (vs. Sasha Allen)
Aww. I really enjoyed her performance, but she was up against Sasha who was better. I liked that Shawna gave the song a lot more dynamics than I expected from her, the tone to her voice worked well with her song choice and I did like some of her phrasing choices. Too bad, she was overshadowed by a much more powerful vocalist. 7

02. Karina Iglesias
Are You Gonna Go My Way?
WINNER (vs. Monique Abbadie)
Is this song becoming one of The Voice's staple songs? Haha. Every single season! To be honest, I didn't think her version was anything special, but I liked that she brought some much needed energy to the whole proceedings. Her vocals were strong and she worked that stage really well. 7.5

01. Sasha Allen
At Last
WINNER (vs. Shawna P)
Wow. Team Adam had the best team that even his eliminated yet stolen contestants got to send home some of Shakira's original picks. Sasha is a total package with a good technical singing voice. Yes, at times, I felt like I was watching a beauty pageant with the way she interprets her songs, but that's just me nitpicking. This was solid and I'm looking forward to more performances from her. 8.5


danni said...

I kinda just noticed this but Garrett has done 2 songs that Melanie performed last season.

In all honesty, I'm really rooting for him. When he was on last season I was actually pretty sad no one picked him and I've been on my toes hoping he would make it through to the live rounds because he could probably win this. But then again, like you said anyone could win this damn show. I can't say I do not like any of the contestants because each of them draws me in a bit. I have a favorite from each team but I'm not going to reveal that yet. Hehe.

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