Saturday, May 4, 2013

Movie Review: Trance

Sure, Trance started a little slow and took a while for it to pick up, but when it did, it was quite riveting. To me, this film has to be one of the most well crafted thrillers of the year. I adored the narrative complexities of the film and the way they were executed. True to Danny Boyle's style, the editing here was frenetic with sharp edits and quick cuts that somehow added to the impact of the unfolding drama. Yes, it felt a little gimmicky at times and slightly lost the emotional response that one should have towards the story, but that visual flair also kept the movie extremely compelling. James McAvoy was solid, but it was Rosario Dawson who completely stole the show. She had such control that the slightest nuance revealed more than it should. Oh, and the twist was pretty satisfying once I got my head around it. 8


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