Monday, May 20, 2013

Movie Review: The Great Gatsby

The Good Great Gatsby was a technical spectacle - practically to a fault. Everything looked and sounded amazing from the fantastic cinematography to the flashy visual style to the refreshing modern infusion of jazz and hip hop, but the frenetic film editing and camera work and the dizzying almost chaotic technique of direction eventually got tiring to a point where I had a serious headache. The story also felt like a mere afterthought as if they knew they had a great material and decided to focus on the lavish production and visual effects. I found the whole idea interesting and the way Baz Luhrmann attacked it was quite intriguing, but with everything running in full throttle, I somehow wanted the story to be right there with it. Good thing, the casting was fantastic and everyone delivered superb performances especially Leonardo DiCaprio and Joel Edgerton. The Great Gatsby was something to marvel at visually and sadly, nothing else. 7


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