Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Voice 4: Top 8

This episode was terrible for me!! How am I supposed to make fun of one of the most impressive group of finalists I’ve ever seen on The Voice? Haha. Honestly, after watching this episode I just stared at my screen and asked myself, "What got into these contestants?" Sure, I came up with a ranking, but even the act at the bottom of my list turned in a better than average performance.

Also, The Voice props department went BIG tonight. The production value seemed to be at an all time high and it's now becoming strange that this show is called The Voice that's supposed to give emphasis around great vocals, but I don't see how it's any different now from American Idol and The X Factor at this point with these big staged performances. But I digress.

On with the rankings!

08. The Swon Brothers
Seven Bridges Road
Was the streak finally over? Not sure what happened, but that beginning was an absolute train wreck! They sounded like they were struggling to keep the vocals and tempo on point, they were off beat a couple of times, and that campfire was ridiculously cheesy and unnecessary. That being said, the last few bars marked a vast improvement, but was that enough to be safe tomorrow? Will this be their Swon song? HAHA. 6.5

07. Sasha Allen
Without You
I've always been a fan of Sasha, but this just didn't work for me. She constantly went sharp, then somehow tried to compensate with her uncontrolled glory notes. She had a couple of little nice moments, but outside that, this was a bit underwhelming for a Sasha performance. Such a shame because she's Shakira's last act. 7

06. Sarah Simmons
Somebody That I Used To Know
I wouldn't mind Sarah growling at me half as much if she didn't abandon any sense of melody when she went into it. I don't know. I usually love her transitions from the gritty sound of her voice to her soft almost lilting inflections, but this one sounded a little jarring to me. Don't get me wrong, the first half was gorgeous, but when she tried to push too hard with the edge, she kind of lost me. 7

05. Holly Tucker
While there's NO WAY she was going to come out all Janelle Arthur like on this performance, I liked that she finally went uptempo and it somehow worked. Holly didn't have enough attitude or energy to pull it all off, but I thought she brought more personality than she ever has before. She made an attempt to be sassy and fun, so credit to her for that. Plus, she didn't sound all that bad no? 7.5

04. Danielle Bradbery
Grandpa (Tell Me 'Bout The Good Old Days)
This was, yet again, another sweet, sincere and pristine vocal performance from Danielle. Sure, this was not an obvious showstopper, but I get that she's more of a singer who paints a picture rather than splats paint across a canvas randomly. Her subtlety is mesmerizing and while I was hoping Blake would've given her a more contemporary country song, this was still incredibly solid. 8

03. Judith Hill
This was the riskiest song of the episode. When was the last time a Will.I.Am song was covered on a reality singing competition? Umm, NEVER! Haha. Yes, the verses was a hot mess as I couldn't understand a word that came out of her mouth, but everything else sounded really good. She finally sounded current, which was refreshing, and she again looked like a total boss - Ok. She did look like a silver chicken, but it's a bad*ss kind of chicken. Haha. Oh, and that arrangement would fit right in with The Great Gatsby soundtrack perfectly no? 8

02. Amber Carrington
Skyfall is a very well known song and I don't think people fully appreciate how difficult this song is to sing, but what Amber did with her voice on this particular song was extraordinary. She had some big shoes to fill, and while she fell short of a few bigger notes towards the end, this was still pretty stellar. Her phrasing was sublime, her pitch was mostly spot on, and her range was insane. I liked that she she has shown true versatility, and that she could sing more than just country music. 8.5

01. Michelle Chamuel
This was stunning! Seriously. People should realize how talented Michelle is? She's just as fierce as Judith Hill, she's just as endearing as Danielle, she has more personality than all the country singers combined and she's a manlier rocker than Adam Levine. Haha. She manages to slay song after song. She’s soulful, passionate, and every performance is visceral. We feel what she feels and Grenade showed us how amazing Michelle continues to be when she refuses to play it safe. 9

Holly Tucker
Sasha Allen


dizzygirl said...

skyfall was amazing!! <3

X said...

Wow, I actually agree with you on almost everything...that doesn't happen often. The only one I don't agree with is the Swon Bros. I would put them above Sasha and Sarah, and maybe Holly. I thought they sounded really good...only noticed one flub, and I'm pretty sure that was the background singers.

Absolutely LOVED Michelle and Amber. Like Adam said, I think that was the first time someone took on Adele and sounded that good. And Michelle...wow! Grenade has been done a lot on these shows, and I think that was the best version ever. Heck, I think I like her version better than the original. She's been my favorite since her auditions, and she continues to bring it every week. I just hope the voters continue to support her.

As for your prediction, I hope you're right about Sasha, but I'd much rather see Sarah go than Holly. I haven't cared for Sarah at all, her voice reminds me of Haley Reinhart's...and I was not a fan of Haley.

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