Saturday, May 4, 2013

American Idol 12: Top 4 Redux Studio Versions Part 1

Another set of studio versions from this year's Top 4 ladies and we start off with the Standards. I must be honest, I'm not particularly a huge fan of these tunes, but I can appreciate music in general. So, yeah. Ha.

RANDOM THOUGHTS: I guess, I was expecting too much from Amber Holcomb's recording because this was pretty disappointing. Her transitions were a little jarring for my taste. Angie Miller just didn't have the right voice for this genre and Kree Harrison was fine. Candice Glover, to me, had the best recording for this theme. Heck, she could cover all other songs and give more justice to those tunes. Just saying.

Amber Holcomb: My Funny Valentine
Angie Miller: Someone To Watch Over Me
Candice Glover: You've Changed
Kree Harrison: Stormy Weather


benj said...

yeah dam.. you're right with ambers studio version of my funny valentine.. i was expecting more from this. i though she will do the same version in vegas. all the great things she did in her vegas performance was lost. ididnt like this at all.. probably harry influenced her alot for choosing this boring arrangement. i hate that guy! he destroyed amber..

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