Friday, November 22, 2013

Movie Review: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Movie novelty quickly wears thin, which is why so many sequels pale in comparison to the original, but The Hunger Games: Catching Fire turned out to be a more riveting narrative with a much better execution (no pun intended) than its predecessor. It did feel like the movie was a bit rushed in parts, but it was still immensely entertaining and I liked that this film expanded both the story and the characters out. Yes, when the "games" began, things went a little generic and familiar, but I didn't really mind. The visual effects looked a lot sharper this time, the editing was good, the direction was masterful, and the acting performances, especially from Jennifer Lawrence and Woody Harrelson, were mostly impressive. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire was an expertly crafted film and a remarkable example of a great piece of entertainment. 9


Dan O. said...

Good review. First is still a bit better, but this sequel definitely gets the job done in an easy-going, efficient way.

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