Sunday, November 3, 2013

X Factor UK 10: Top 9

Yikes! Disco Week? Where's the usual Halloween Special on X Factor UK? I was ready to hate this theme, but there were actually a couple of stand out performances from people I didn't really expect. So there's that. But I'm hoping that they'd have a couple of interesting themes in the next coming weeks or I'll punch a soul. Haha.

Here we go!

09. Rough Copy
Totally bored with them already. I know that they are better vocalists than Sam or even Abi, but I just don't care about their performance. It's frustrating that they're not as urban as I thought they were. They came off dated from their vocal stylings down to their look. 5

08. Sam Callahan
Relight My Fire
While the boxing theme was a bit odd, I thought his vocals were more decent that usual. It's still not amazing, but as far as I'm concerned, I will not expect anything more than decent. It's just funny how the staging became the distraction to hide the fact that he doesn't sing well. 5

07. Kingsland Road
Blame It On The Boogie
Strong vocals with great harmonies, but they came off, yet again, as very cheesy. Not sure if it's the way they move or choreograph their steps, but the cool that I was expecting isn't happening. Or was it the theme? I don't know. 6

06. Nicholas McDonald
Rock With You
I love myself some Nicholas McDonald, but while his vocals were mostly on point, his awkward stage presence looked, well, awkward. This kid wasn't designed for funky so this just didn't work. He needs earnest and not some disco song. 6.5

05. Tamera Foster
Wishing On A Star
Safe. Boring. Sure, her vocals were front and center and she actually had a couple of nice inflections throughout her performance, but at the end of the show, I almost forgot about it - and that's always a problem. She needs to have memorable performances to ensure her spot in this competition. 6.5

04. Hannah Barrett
Somebody Else's Guy
While I was hoping that had more vocal control during this performance, her emotional connection to the song was very palpable. Her tone worked amazingly well with the song, and some of her vocal choices gave depth to her performance. This was actually quite riveting. 7

03. Abi Alton
I Will Survive
Ok. I was a little iffy with the song choice and the arrangement was a little too much as the song went completely unrecognizable, but I appreciated Abi's bold decision to completely rework the song. I mean, she knew Disco will never be her jam, so she took the song and played it on her own terms. She had a couple of pitch problems here and there, but her vocal dynamics were actually quite lovely. 7.5

02. Sam Bailey
No More Tears
This was like watching a mom perform on stage! Haha. Kidding aside, Sam's vocals were pretty flawless. She served up some believable attitude especially towards the end and I enjoyed her whole performance. I honestly didn't think she'd be able to pull off an uptempo song, but she did. 7.5

01. Luke Friend
Play That Funky Music
Amazingly, Luke again topped my list this week - proving that his performance last week wasn't a fluke. For some reason, Luke carried the song so well I doubted if he was actually the one singing. Haha. His unique tone worked really well with the song, his ad libs were an interesting touch, and he moved around the stage to put some life into his performance. He's surprisingly becoming one of my favorites this season. Strange. 8


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