Friday, November 22, 2013

X Factor US 3: Top 10 Results Show

The results this week were a mixed bag although I was dead on with my prediction from yesterday's post. One deserved to go home since The 4 Chair Challenge, but the other one - just like Rachel Potter from last week - was probably one of the only few people who could actually sing. It's a bit frustrating that as the number dwindle down to 8, we're stuck with half mediocre singers and half good vocalists. Oh well.

Oh, and just so you know, One Direction performed their new single, Story Of My Life.

Results after the jump!

Khaya Cohen

Rion Paige
Josh Levi
Alex & Sierra
Lillie McCloud
Jeff Gutt
Ellona Santiago
Restless Road


Tim Olstad
You Raise Me Up
What a completely surprising song choice!! ZZzzz. No other comment.

Carlito Olivero
Beneath Your Beautiful
His vocals weren't perfect, but he completely outperformed Tim by a country mile. Plus, he had some charisma going on while performing. A rock was more charismatic than Tim Olstad. Haha.

KELLY ROWLAND sends home Tim Olstad
DEMI LOVATO sends home Tim Olstad
PAULINA RUBIO sends home Tim Olstad
SIMON COWELL didn't vote

Tim Olstad


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