Friday, November 15, 2013

X Factor US 3: Top 12

ARE YOU F&%$ING KIDDING ME? '80s THEME? WAY TO BE RELEVANT! It would've been better if it's 1780s instead. Bring on Mozart! Haha. This show is giving me a headache!

But seriously, I don't think this show is even trying to survive after this season. It's like they gave up and just going along with the flow. It's a shame because there are a couple of little gems in this group. Yes, this is still probably the worst Top 12 in the history of reality singing competition, but potential is there. 

Oh, and Carlos Guevara was eliminated. Just putting it out there. Haha.

12. Tim Olstad
Against All Odds
Ugh. Tim should be eliminated just on the song choice alone. Add to that the fact that he had absolutely ZERO presence on this performance - or EVER! - and the whole staging looked stupid. What was the girl dancer doing on stage? 3

11. Rion Paige
We Belong
Her performance felt endless that I couldn't wait for this mess to end. Rion's pitch was all over the place - she was constantly flat - and I was wondering why the judges didn't comment on that. 3

10. Restless Road
Simon couldn't even make it more obvious that he's selling this act on the teen girls alone. Yes, the idea of a manufactured country boy band seemed brilliant at first, but the novelty is now wearing off. Their solos were uneven, they didn't look comfortable working the stage, and it was just plain blah. 4

09. Ellona Santiago
I Wanna Dance With Somebody
There's something about this seemed off. Not sure if it was the shorts - please give this girl some pants! - or the staging or Ellona herself, but the performance screamed desperation. It was as if she was trying way too hard to impress that it didn't look natural anymore. 5

08. Sweet Suspense
Hey Mickey 
With these girls, I just don't know who's singing what or if they're actually singing LIVE - and that's problematic! I don't like the idea that there's way too much backtrack in their performances and that they always sing in unison. They should be doing harmonies, but I don't think they're even trying. 5

07. Jeff Gutt
I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight
Jeff only has a dollar in his bank account? I don't believe you! Haha. To be honest, his vocals were mostly on point though he was a bit under in parts, but I would take him more seriously if he dropped the whole rocker thing. I don't know. He came off as a teen trying to be a rockstar with this performance. 5.5

06. Rachel Potter
Rachel was fine until that screechy note that scared me to death. Haha. Um, yeah, that's about it. Oh, and did Demi Lovato just say Rachel is better than Carrie Underwood on this song? HELL NO. 6

05. Carlito Olivero
Rhythms  Gonna Get You
Simon wanted gravitas from Carlito? What! To me, the arrangement sounded cool and modern, he sounded fine, and he worked the stage really well. These judges need to lay off Carlito. 6.5

04. Lillie McCloud
Ain't Nobody
True, she started off a little rough, but when she got to the groove of her performance, the whole thing just worked. I thought her vocals were still tight despite all the moments, and she sold the song like it was written especially for her. Possibly her most entertaining performance to date. 7

03. Khaya Cohen
Her vocals weren't perfect - she sure was flat in spots and a bit off pitch towards the end - but her gorgeous tone somehow found its way to work well with this Madonna song. I thought her vocal choices were interesting, and despite her awkward movements, it was still pretty good. 7

02. Alex & Sierra
Addicted To Love
Not the best song choice, but I thought Alex & Sierra gave their best effort to pull this off. Sierra's acapella was sublime, and their harmonies - take note, Restless Road and Sweet Suspense - were solid. The harp that was incorporated in the arrangement slightly ruined the melody of the song, but other than that, they managed to deliver another solid performance. 8

01. Josh Levi
Straight Up
I wasn't really sure about the song choice at first, but Josh killed it! He made the song sound current with a bit of R&B and pop inflections in the arrangement, his vocals were fantastic, and there's a freshness to his stage presence that some compensated for some of the flaws in his performance. This actually reminded me of Chris Brown before all the mess that happened to him. Very nice. 8.5

Tim Olstad
Carlito Olivero


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