Sunday, November 24, 2013

X Factor UK 10: Top 7

Yet again, another annoying theme with more familiar song choices. No wonder it's all so boring and predictable. Ugh. It's so uninteresting, my blog post for X Factor UK are already a week late. Haha.

Here we go!

07. Rough Copy
Viva La Vida
Eh. I think I'm done with them. The start was very sharp, and I was hoping the chorus would've been a lot better, but it didn't improve. What happened to the supposed "urban" vibe from this group? 5.5

06. Sam Callahan
As usual, his vocals were mostly uneven, but I'd be lying if I didn't say that I slightly enjoyed this performance. If only he had a better voice, this would've been good. 6

05. Hannah Barrett
A competent karaoke version of the song. And yes, that's about it. 6.5

04. Luke Friend
Your Song
Probably his weakest vocals since Let Her Go. It's such a shame as I'm actually beginning to warm up to him, and then this? 6.5

03. Tamera Foster
Diamonds Are Forever
Minus the obviously flubbed lyrics - she just couldn't hide it in her face - this was actually a pretty decent version. The arrangement sounded interesting, her vocals were mostly good, and she looked gorgeous. Too bad, you couldn't miss her reaction to her forgetting the words. Haha. 6.5

02. Nicholas McDonald
Someone Like You
Musically, Nicholas is such an old soul. He didn't do anything massive to differentiate his version from Adele, but with a vocals like that, I didn't really mind. It's a bit odd though to hear him sing this song as he doesn't really have the life experience to pull the emotions of this song. 7

01. Sam Bailey
Again, the most technically proficient vocal performance of the episode. I cannot fault her for giving such a clean vocals with enough connection to the song to make it work. Sure, she's not the most current of all the contestants, but one can't deny her vocal talent. 8


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