Friday, November 15, 2013

X Factor US 3: Top 12 Results Show

Wow. With this kind of result, I wouldn't be surprised if Tim Olstad end up winning this whole thing and watch as Simon's biggest nightmare unfolds in front of him. Look, I never warmed up to the two eliminated acts, but they certainly weren't the worst act yesterday. I guess, I shouldn't expect much from a trainwreck season of X Factor no? Also, why was Demi Lovato so rude to Mario Lopez? Geez.

Oh, Selena Gomez and Fifth Harmony performed, and yes, I'm just putting it out there.

Results after the jump!

Sweet Suspense

Carlito Olivero
Josh Levi
Rion Paige
Jeff Gutt
Restless Road
Tim Olstad
Ellona Santiago
Lillie McCloud
Alex & Sierra


Khaya Cohen
Don't Give Up On Me
Look, her vocals weren't perfect as her voice slightly cracked in the middle of her performance, but that didn't hurt the overall impact of it. There was just raw passion in her delivery, her tone worked well with the song, and the vocal choices she made were quite nice. 

Rachel Potter
From This Moment
Poor Rachel. She didn't deserve to be in this sing-off, and it's such a shame because she was outsung by Khaya. I felt like Rachel was holding back on this performance - like she gave up or something - and her vocals were mostly uneven. Sigh.

KELLY ROWLAND sends home Khaya Cohen
PAULINA RUBIO sends home Rachel Potter
DEMI LOVATO sends home Rachel Potter
SIMON COWELL sends home Rachel Potter

Rachel Potter


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