Sunday, November 24, 2013

X Factor UK 10: Top 6

Unlike last week, almost everyone delivered strong performances. I still don't think they're a solid group compared to previous seasons, but I guess, there's nothing we could do to fix it. We're stuck with these guys until the crowning of the next X Factor UK winner.

Oh, and some alums were back to mentor and it's nice to see Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burke, Olly Murrs, Shayne Ward, Joe McElderly, and Little Mix in the show again. That's the best thing about this episode.

Here we go!

06. Tamera Foster
She messed up again! Tamera had two problems during this performance. One, she forgot her words twice, and, two, she had pitch issues towards the end that everything sounded a little problematic. It's such a shame as I was hoping she was going to be like Alexandra Burke, but it's not happening. 4.5

05. Hannah Barrett
This was a tad lazy for Hannah. Her vocals were uneven for the most part - especially her lower notes - her enunciation was bad, and she just didn't do much to veer away from karaoke territory. Underwhelming. 6.5

04. Nicholas McDonald
The Climb
While this sounded too karaoke yet again for Nicholas, at least, his vocals were mostly spot on. He needs to take risks though as people may get tired of his schtick. 7

03. Rough Copy
Don't Let Go
Who knew? I completely gave up on them last week as I've been b*tching about the fact that they're too dated, but this was actually pretty good. Their vocals were right on, the harmonies were great, and the arrangement was pretty good. Very nice. 8

02. Sam Bailey
Bleeding Love
This has to be one of her best vocal performance to date. It's not perfect by any means, but she managed to put her own spin to this widely known Leona Lewis' tune and proved that she could be a current recording artist. Her phrasing was sublime, her vocal range was fantastic, and the notes she hit were incredible. Good job. 9

01. Luke Friend
What Makes You Beautiful
This was a total stand out performance this week. Luke interpreted the song pretty well and brought something new and refreshing to this pop ditty. While I prefer him when he doesn't push his voice as it sometimes sounds a bit rough, I honestly didn't mind it here. This could actually be a record and a viable cover of the song. 9


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