Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Voice 5: Top 12

This! Is! The! Voice!

After last week, I figured that Season 5 isn't as talented as, say, Season 4, but this episode made me want to change my mind. Yes, I enjoyed the show and the performances immensely that I'm not sure I'm ready to let go of anyone just yet - ok, maybe two, but I digress.

There was NO serious train wrecks in this show - if you want one, wait for X Factor in two days. Haha. Yes, I went there - and that makes me anxious with tomorrow's results with two people going home. But we'll see. I'm just not ready for a shocking elimination yet so let the good ones stay first.

Oh, and one more thing, did an entire bee's nest sting Christina's lips? What happened? Haha.

Here we go!

12. Austin Jenckes
It's A Great Day To Be Alive
Austin seems like a nice, relatable guy and his vocals on this was relatively good, but I seriously couldn't remember him at the end of the show. The whole thing was forgettable, and he just has zero star quality. So yes, despite the fact that this was probably one of the few song choices that made sense, I'll smack him at the end of the list. Sorry. 6

11. Jonny Gray
Another Day In Paradise
This confused me. Didn't Cee Lo say that he wanted for Jonny to show his rock side or something? Where was it? Jonny's voice was fine on this tune and I actually liked some of his vocal choices, but the arrangement was terrible. Another Day In Paradise isn't a jam band type of song! Missed opportunity. 6.5

10. Josh Logan
Man In The Mirror
Not very good, but not terrible. Josh's version wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. He sounded nice and I liked that he toned down a bit with his runs, but at the same time, this was JUST a competent cover of the song and nothing else. 7

09. Caroline Pennell
Wake Me Up
Folk and her quirky vocal stylings wasn't exactly a good blend no? I'm pretty sure Caroline could burp the alphabet and still get through for next week, but with a talent this deep, she just can't afford to have performances like Wake Me Up. This was underwhelming, the style didn't fit her voice, and she performed it like someone was standing next to her with a stopwatch, telling her to hurry up and finish the song. I do agree with Blake though that the audience have a horrible sense of rhythm. Haha. 7

08. James Wolpert
Mr. Brightside
I figured that James is that type of contestant that you don't have to put in a box - as he's very versatile in terms of his vocals - but he, at least, needs to be in the same building if that makes sense. Look, he has a voice that never misses a pitch, in fact his vocals soared especially towards the end, but the arrangement or maybe his phrasing just didn't have the right cadence for the song. 7.5

07. Jacquie Lee
Love Is Blindness
Not really sure about the song choice, but she did everything she could with the song - perhaps almost to a fault. Jacquie has a fantastic vocal instrument, but she does tend towards being too overwrought with her vocal choices. I mean, you can show passion and be fierce without beating every note over the head. She needs to pull back a little bit and find a way to control this as her style may get old by next week. That said, her lower register and jazz inflections were sublime. 7.5

06. Will Champlin
Whoever writes the Imagine Dragons songs need therapy stat. Haha. Will is becoming a pretty consistent performer. His vocal in Demons was amazing, his tone worked perfectly well for the song choice, and he sounded very current. He was straining a bit in parts, but there's passion in his delivery. Very nice. 8

05. Tessanne Chin
My Kind Of Love
Wait! What did they do with her hair? Kill it before it lays eggs! Haha. It's silly, I know. Kidding aside, Tessanne destroyed this one. Not a total showstopper performance and her vocals went a little shaky in parts, but everything else about it was fantastic. Her tone was gorgeous on this Emeli Sande ditty, her modulation was good, and the emotional connection was palpable. 8

04. Ray Boudreaux
All Of Me
Oh Ray, this was lovely! I never would've thought that a John Legend song would work for him, but his nuanced and restrained vocal performance was beautiful. True, his voice cracked a couple of time at the beginning, but when he recovered, he never looked back. Just lovely. 8.5

03. Kat Robichaud
Excellent! Kat's a whack, but this performance was FIERCE! She gave me everything tonight from the dramatic staging to the theatrics to her relatively fantastic vocals. Her deep warm tone at the beginning was fabulous and the rasp she infused after the verse gave her rendition added character. There's no denying that out of all the performances, her version of Sail stood out. 8.5

02. Matthew Schuler
Despite the tired song choice, Matthew somehow magically managed to breath new life to Hallelujah. He coloured the song brilliantly well, he did enough to differentiate himself from the other renditions, there's a great amount of outstanding vocal dynamics and his falsetto was just gorgeous. 9

01. Cole Vosbury
No guitar? No hat? A Miguel song? Whoa, Cole! This would look like a total disaster on paper, but he made Adorn work for him. He stepped out of the box and pulled it off with flying colors. I love that his transitions were smooth and his voice was tender but had enough rasp and grit to add dimension to his version. This was just an all around fantastic performance. 9

Jonny Gray
Josh Logan


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