Friday, November 8, 2013

X Factor US 3: Top 13 Redux

Yup. Since they messed up the voting numbers yesterday, EVERYONE gets to perform again with the elimination happening next week. Ironically, the less stellar production setup gave these contestants more pressure resulting to a slightly better performances compared to last night.

But enough of that, how did they do tonight?

13. Carlos Guevara
This was slightly better than his performance yesterday, but when you get a 4 today from a 3 yesterday - despite the obvious improvement - there's really nothing to write about. He mumbled most of his words, his pitch was still uneven, and he has absolutely no charisma. 4

11. Tim Olstad
I Believe I Can Fly
I've said this before and I'll say it again, Tim is as exciting as an old dry wallpaper. Seriously. He's annoyingly boring and then he even had the audacity to sing I Believe I Can Fly!! He should be disqualified just by choosing this song. 5

10. Carlito Olivero
If You're Not The One
Look, Carlitos has a lot more potential than Carlos and Tim combined, but he can't afford to be inconsistent in a very weak category. He started out fine, but when he transitioned to his falsetto, everything went downhill. 5 

10. Restless Road
Don't You Wanna Stay
Wow. Restless Road is going down each week. I guess, the novelty of it all wore off pretty fast. I get it! They're marketable, but they can't sing together or harmonize that well. Heck, they're not even that strong as a vocalists individually. 5.5

09. Lillie McCloud
Who Wants To Live Forever
This was unfortunate. Lillie could definitely sing, but when there's no growth and variety, things get boring. So despite the talent, she's just not doing it for me anymore. She's not relevant, her version sounded nasal, and her phrasing was odd on this. 6

08. Jeff Gutt
In The Air Tonight
He managed to hit most of his notes quite well, but his harsh tone on this song didn't sit with me well. I know there's grit to his voice, I get it, but there's just way too much in this version. Maybe it was just me, but I didn't buy this performance. 6.5

07. Sweet Suspense
That Should Be Me
Ok. Last night, their performance had little LIVE vocal singing - thus, I hated it! - and while this was a lot better, I still didn't understand the need for the backtrack if they're really strong vocalists. I mean, Fifth Harmony rarely used backtracks during their season, but why is it so blatantly obvious this season? 6.5

06. Rachel Potter
Minus some shaky notes at the beginning, this was a relatively solid performance from her. I thought Rachel's voice soared when she hit the chorus and her tone worked really well on the song. She actually reminds me of a less talented and emotionally connected Kree Harrison. 7

05. Rion Paige
Born This Way
I liked this better than her performance last night. This slowed down arrangement worked better for her as this didn't need her to jump around on stage and just put her vocals front and center. There were a couple of pitch issues, but nonetheless, this is one of her better performances. 7

04. Khaya Cohen
Distant Dreamer
This song choice surprisingly allowed her to be more diverse and showcased her range, which I didn't know she had. She lost control of her vocals towards the end, but I didn't really mind. Khaya wasn't really one of my favorites going into the live shows, but she's making me notice her. Nice. 8

03. Josh Levi
Very nice! How did he pull this one off? No, I'm not saying that this Rihanna song was vocally challenging, but for Josh to actually sound good, control his pitch impressively, and put his ad libs to differentiate his version from the original was a pleasant surprise. It's funny how he's outperforming EVERYONE on his category and he was previously eliminated. Haha. 8

02. Ellona Santiago
SOLID. The way she navigated her notes from her lower register, which sounded sublime, to her long glory note towards the end was fantastic. Sure, I've heard millions of slowed down version of this song - including the brilliant version of Beatrice Miller - but this was actually pretty good. Good job. 8

01. Alex & Sierra
Give Me Love
A bright light in an otherwise dead-end season. Alex & Sierra ONCE AGAIN proved that they are the real deal - and not the overly hyped Restless Road. Not sure if I just really love the song, but this gave me chills. Their harmonies were tighter than Paulina Rubio's pout, their voices complimented each other and the way they approached this song was just gorgeous.


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